Anonymous 05/22/2018 (Tue) 18:31:10 No.1858 del
Ok bear with me here

The use of the term "incel" by media and shills is Masonic brainwashing that ties in with the Blade Runner 2049 movie , transhumanism and the 5G cell network they're rolling out this year which has tons of small cells with antennas closer than ever to every home.

In Blade Runner the phrase "withIN CELls interlinked" is used to test if Replicants are programmed correctly. The quote is from the book Pale Fire by Nabokov who was the author of Lolita and loved Butterflies.

Pale Fire is also a direct allusion to Lucifer, as White Phosphorus (aka pale fire) is used by Israeli Kikes to burn Palestinians, and phosphorus in Greek means "morning star" which is interchangable with Lucifer in Latin.

So we have incels in cells interlinked , and the pale fire of Lucifer being brought into view with 5G and the singularity.