Anonymous 05/06/2018 (Sun) 02:33:38 No.1799 del
The cannabilism. He says he likes sheeple then orders a dozen sheeple with chili sauce on them that is a hot dog reference. He interjects the pizza and a coke to later call back to it when he talks about onion rings and later CALLS THEM CLINTON ONIONS. 100 POUNDS OF ONIONS WHAT ELSE WEIGHS 100 pounds? How old where you when you weighed 100 pounds? THERE WILL BE THE CINTON ONIONS AT THE DNC '94. WHen he talks about the saxman he is reffering to bill clinton then says to look out for hillary IN THE TABLOIDS IN THE FUTURE. Listen to the episode and its obvious. He plays that song "Sitting on lala waiting for my yaya" LALA CULT CODE WORDS. He is not allowed to say pizza so thats why he says hamburgers. How can you not understand it did you listen to the first 30 minutes of the episode? I cant be the only one hearing this. He said a pizza and a coke out of place during the metals exchange while doing A WILD VOICE. He was trying to be edgy and remember when he said "I got to go there is a little girl pulling at my pantleg" He then dances with his daughter poo.