Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 09:13:15 No.1782 del
Having watched it the whole way through it actually does convey a masonic conspiracy so I will focus on making more content and maybe making a short version with redpill parts and no filler as a "previously on webms" montage. But I hated it all in one video for the first day or 2 figuring it would be saturated with the worst of it which is going off into memes. It fits better than I thought it did skipping around the video

but now is not the time to feel good I need to make more we all need to make more oc get retards to ask more questions about their worldview in threads offsite to redpill.

or else they are gonna try and take down the world with the guillotines depopulation. I dont want to do this I have to. I should start mirroring anywhere I can and want to hear what people felt convinced by because I want to help make something as an argument against the cult that can not be debunked.