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kikes in action goes full retard on rule cucking again Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 01:17:27 Id: a90b29 [Preview] No. 19436


hand of cucks rambling
>So the admins made a public rule change today, and have nuked multiple subs alongside it. Given the body of the rule change, we should be fine, as it actually falls mostly in line with what we made as a public change several months ago.


>In particular, we found that the policy regarding “inciting” violence was too vague, and so we have made an effort to adjust it to be more clear and comprehensive. Going forward, we will take action against any content that encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people; likewise, we will also take action against content that glorifies or encourages the abuse of animals. This applies to ALL content on Reddit, including memes, CSS/community styling, flair, subreddit names, and usernames.

>We are seeking some clarification on a few related points, but for the most part expecting not to have to make any real changes here in response to this. The clarification we are seeking is if we are going to be required to remove such comments in the future, or can continue as we have with approving and having our immediate public warning/ban comment in direct response to the violating comment.

>Once we have that clarified, I'll update this to reflect whatever they state.

>EDIT 1 Since some people are asking - the current banned list includes (but is not limited to, bans are still being handed out):

/r/nazi /r/pol /r/nationalsocialism /r/europeannationalism /r/racoonsareniggers /r/far_right /r/actualjournalism /r/reallywackytictacs /r/whitesarecriminals

This on top of several animal sex subs and it looks like others are continuing to be added to the list.

tldr were going to go full gommunism and punish anyone who has wrong think

Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 02:18:56 Id: 9575d7 [Preview] No. 19437 del

just... let it burn dude

Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 04:41:08 Id: 7c72e0 [Preview] No. 19441 del
Heh. Heaven forbid the official story from the "reputable" news sources are questioned.
Not sure what this was supposed to be.
That anti-white epiphet must be having an effect. Little surprised.
>nazi, pol, nationalsocialism, europeannationalism, racoonsareniggers (hah), far_right
No surprise there. That seems wildly optimistic to have ever invested time into making those in the first place given the chosen venue, and, frankly, they more than likely self-cucked themselves off the planet to stay around this long.
In other news, water is still wet and reddit is still flaming garbage. Zero point in a free speech amendment if corporations don't have to abide by it though.

Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 04:58:00 Id: 50f2a0 [Preview] No. 19444 del
Voat users made r/EuropeanNationalism

Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 11:06:18 [Preview] No. 19461 del
>is on reddit
>posts about mod corruption
>cries about hypocrisy
>cries about censorship
>spends hours documenting unjust reddit moderation
<continues to post on reddit
lost causes, just like 8gaggers

Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 11:58:16 Id: 268dcc [Preview] No. 19466 del
It's about holding the enemy to their own standard.

"We ban calls to violence"
>What about these calls to violence?

It shows others, even those on the left, how fucked these platforms like plebbit and twitter are.

Internal server error. Flood detected.

Anonymous 11/03/2017 (Fri) 15:44:48 [Preview] No. 19468 del
>It shows others, even those on the left, how fucked these platforms like plebbit and twitter are
What's the point of showing people stuff if they never do anything about it?

What's the point in enlightening the masses if they continue doing the same things they've been doing? I checked that guy's profile and he's still posting on reddit.

Anonymous 11/12/2017 (Sun) 16:06:55 Id: 436f2d [Preview] No. 19615 del
from hand of cuck

Time for another update to the rules, partially in response to some major issues that have arisen recently.

Outrage Bait

>Outrage bait is now being treated as the intentional spread of misinformation or narrative spinning without presenting all the facts. This will be treated as a violation of Rule 7, with enforcement resulting in a single warning followed by a 7 day ban then a permanent ban. The initial warning must be agreed upon by at least two moderators internally before being issued, the bans by three moderators - failing to get that many moderators will result in no warning/ban being issued, but a usernote being applied to watch for future potential violations to establish a pattern of behavior. Note that while moderators may agree to remove a post under this, they may decide that an official warning/ban is not necessary in every case. For the sake of determining intent, we will be looking at the OP's post/comment history as well as their title/post wording, to determine if they are just carrying over something they saw without thinking it through, or appear to have a vested interest in encouraging people to pick up/spread bad information and get outraged by it.


Brigading is now officially being classed as a Rule 1 violation. How we are defining brigading is as follows: any user who can be easily demonstrated to have come into a thread which was linked to by one of the various meta/drama subs who is either pushing up to the Rule 1 line, or clearly crossing it by trolling. By "easily demonstrated" we mean that we can open the user's post history and see clear participation on the sub which linked to the post within the first page or so of comments, alongside little or no previous participation on KiA itself. This must be agreed upon by two or more moderators, and the punishment will generally be an immediate 7 day ban, followed by a permanent ban on any future violations.

Warning/Ban Policy

For the sake of making it easier to read, more transparent, and to cut back on confusion regarding which rules get dealt with in which way, we are pulling the warning/ban policy out of Rule 1 and moving it to stand independently so that other rules with specific policies are all in one place. The updated policy is as follows:

General Rule 1 Enforcement

You'll get two public warnings from the mods. Any offenses after that, and you'll get a 3 day temporary ban. Screw up again, and you're gone for a month. Screw up again, and you're not coming back.

Warnings will expire after 90 days. So if you got a warning and didn't screw up for, say, three months, and get warned again, that counts as your first warning on the road to being banned. However, if you received a temp ban for breaking Rule 1, it'll stay on your record, and won't expire, so if you screw up after that, you go to a month-long ban. Basically, don't screw around.

Brigading Enforcement

After internal discussion by multiple moderators, if two or more agree that a user falls under the brigading definiton in Rule 1, that user will be issued an immediate 7 day ban. Should a user be determined to be brigading again at a later date, they will be issued a permanent ban at that time.

Anonymous 11/12/2017 (Sun) 16:07:14 Id: 436f2d [Preview] No. 19616 del
Rule 7 Outrage Bait Enforcement

If a user is determined by at least two moderators to have violated Rule 7 by promoting outrage bait, they will be issued one warning not to do so again. If they repeat the behavior, as agreed upon by at least three moderators, they will be issued a 7 day ban. Doing so again (and agreed upon again by at least three moderators) will result in a permanent ban.

Other Rule Enforcement

All other rules will generally be enforced with a single warning followed by at least one temporary ban before any permanent ban is issued. The notable exceptions are Rule 2 (dox) and Rule 5 (witch hunting), which we reserve the right to immediately and without warning issue a permanent ban. In more severe or extreme cases of violations of other rules, should at least three moderators agree a user needs to bypass the standard warning/ban process and be moved straight to a permanent ban, such action may be taken, though this route should not be taken often.

Anonymous 11/12/2017 (Sun) 17:44:54 [Preview] No. 19623 del
(191.59 KB 604x914 rulecuck pill.png)

Anonymous 11/12/2017 (Sun) 17:57:10 [Preview] No. 19624 del
hang on a sec
>what is gamergate

>no, gamergate is not right wing
"Who am I to tell you that you’re wrong?
I’m Brad Glasgow and I am among the few journalists who understand Gamergate. In fact, I am currently writing a book about the movement."

Anonymous 11/16/2017 (Thu) 10:10:28 Id: d624e2 [Preview] No. 19669 del
inb4 s4t is cited as an example.

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