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After Niko nuked the first board because he was a faggot, Blade nuked the second board because he got tired of the trouble caused by the ethics cuck invasion, and because he himself was part of the twitter gg cabal at that time (January 2015), which is code for pure cancer.
then mark and the /v/ cabal saw this as their opportunity to takeover gg. Mark was (still is?) associated with developers and journalists, so ethics cuckoldry came naturally to him, and this extended to his moderation team, which in reality was the entire 8chan administration including Freddit Breddit, who himself tried to destroy /pol/, gay as it is. Mark and /v/ installed Acidman as their contact and he did what he was told at first and then went kinda rogue. Acidman was doing what /v/ wanted, ethics cucking GG, but he was doing it too aggressively. He got power drunk with his janni powers and started doing purges of anyone criticizing ethics cuckoldry. This birthed /ggrevolt/ and as anon >>20713 says, from that point on it was just an inter-board death struggle that arguably killed the whole website. 8chan is laughably dead these days.