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>The admin phone number for leads us to Jonathon Thomas Warden

You know, as these idiots constantly get doxed and outed, I'm reminded of the fact that Nackt literally gave these idiots clear instructions to not only hide their identity online, but clean their tracks. Clearly, nobody read it and I'm kinda glad they didn't. You have to be a pure idiot to ever put ANY real life info online.

>Reddit post where user HopeStillFlies references previously being charged with “Sexual Exploitation of a Minor”

And yet they still called them one of their own. How in the hell can you sexually exploit a minor while still being a minor yourself? Holy fuck they're stupid.

>Pokemon fanfiction set in Cookeville, Tennessee written by Jonathon Warden
>“Donovan Osaya” appears to be an original character created for Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction

This has to be the most low energy opsec I've seen in a long time. He ticks off all the major themes that Furries, Pedos, and Fetishists have in common.

This. These fags protect their own the same way SJWs do.