Anonymous 01/12/2018 (Fri) 16:17:35 Id: f958e5 No.20128 del
>This was a misjudgement that summoned against GG the eternal enemy of SJWs: "the left is always going to eat itself".

True that.

>If Nackt didn't dream of it he was a moron not to, because nothing was more obvious.

No, what I meant was Nackt was always saying GG would eventually cross paths with academia since it fueled all the psychos that lurks in social justice. The fact that GG now has made enemies of the self proclaimed 'Youtube academics' like Sargon and the rest of his brood, is grammatical irony.

>What matters is what happens on the top of the wave just before it comes crashing down, that's where the success of movements is measured.

I like to think Gamergate was a learning experience for all the anons who saw it as their first rail OP. Because it was one HELL of a learning experience in many areas for people wet behind the ears. Hopefully it'll be a learning experience for them on who NOT to trust and what NOT to do.