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>Sargon and the KIA mods both use the term "right wing sjws".

I've heard a lot of folks use that term. To be honest they aren't 100% incorrect since there are Alt Right does have figures who act exactly like SJWs just with Right wing rhetoric, but it's far from those people being the majority.

>They kept saying " Gamergate is majority left but we aren't political" when the left were still in control. Then afterwards they were like "The alt right are just right wing sjws and are a fringe group of gamergate. They are totally outside of mainstream thinking on kia" as nodeworx and antithesis would say.

This shit pissed me off the most because it cut GG with both sides of the knife. It distanced us from /pol/ who were the brain trust behind the consumer revolt. When /pol/ got sick of GG and told them to fuck off everything went to shit. This is also ironically around the time /v/ took over. SOME PEOPLE seriously played this out in advance and all the other sane voices were drown out in their rhetoric. As the pink haired kraut said, 'Your enemies are political in nature, of course you're going to get political'.

Hell, for even more irony she said GG would be facing academia down the road, but I'd bet even Nackt never dreamed that GG would be dealing with backstabbing from YOUTUBE ACADEMICS. This shit's like a giant wild ride of autism and I think Jim's right. Sargon's gonna be a nervous wreck by the end of the year if not sooner.