Anonymous 01/12/2018 (Fri) 14:28:38 Id: 175610 No.20124 del

Sargon and the KIA mods both use the term "right wing sjws". It became the classical liberals ethics cucks version of an ad hominem attack. The alt right were nothing like the neocons that wanted Christian Sharia. They damn well know the alt right aren't sjws but use the term to get them dismissed automatically. It was supposed to be an apolitical movement but ceased to be so the moment the left started losing. They kept saying " Gamergate is majority left but we aren't political" when the left were still in control. Then afterwards they were like "The alt right are just right wing sjws and are a fringe group of gamergate. They are totally outside of mainstream thinking on kia" as nodeworx and antithesis would say. What they did was early on in the movement the liberals understood that attacking sjws was not the same as attacking liberals since we were apolitical at the time. Then the shills came in and started getting them to think attacking sjws was the same as attacking liberals. Then they kept reiterating that they were "majority left". When that happened the apolitical aspect of the movement died.