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(106.70 KB 500x637 1488583540669-pol.jpg)
Welcome. Admin 03/05/2017 (Sun) 14:51:53 Id: e47296 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
There are many /pols/, but fundamentally, they are the same.

So no rules from now on.

EDIT: Just in case the site rips; http://32ch.org/pol/
Edited last time by doonoo on 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:13:24.
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Anonymous 07/10/2017 (Mon) 15:20:28 [Preview] No. 400 del

Anonymous 07/27/2017 (Thu) 19:23:04 [Preview] No. 423 del
I know we don't do rules here, but I reckon if you deleted the porn images from the two most recent threads made (just the images, not the text itself) you'd save the board from an undeserved death.

Anonymous 08/01/2017 (Tue) 23:09:38 [Preview] No. 424 del
(1.16 MB 2888x2000 a4a.png)
What is your problem with including porn? Pornophobia is a fucking stupid aspect of conservativism. I'm sorry, did the word porn trigger your delicate ears? I'll say pork instead then to avoid upsetting the regressives.

I think it's tastefully drawn. I believe in freespeeeeeeeech, It's what makes America great. Pork is part of free speech. Pork makes America great. Let's make America great again.

Anonymous 08/03/2017 (Thu) 12:53:06 [Preview] No. 425 del
That's a great way to say a lot of words and refute not one word of my post.

Anonymous 10/11/2017 (Wed) 20:34:55 [Preview] No. 444 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
/pol/ is ran by shills. They censor opinions they don't agree with and delete multiple comments a day to make sure the opposite opinion doesn't come out. Its funny how they ridicule 8/pol/ for being shit, yet act exactly like them.

http://endchan.net/logs.js look at the logs, they delete multiple posts a day just to make sure "no one is a shill".

Anonymous 10/20/2017 (Fri) 13:16:08 [Preview] No. 446 del
I don't mind. I only care when they use it as a chatroom-tier hugbox board and then get bored of their own circlejerk, which leaves the whole endchan crawling with unsatisfied butthurt losers thinking that nobody notices because they're le anonymous. Kinda the exact same when actual 8ch sends their babies over here.

(131.90 KB 1876x781 12sDLZA.png)
What happened to Wikileaks? Anonymous 10/15/2017 (Sun) 04:16:20 [Preview] No. 445 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I found this post, and am hoping to understand what the hell happened with wikileaks, as Julian never posted proof of life.

Wikileaks, is compromised, we saw some strange behavior appear such as Julian opening his own twitter handle after the whole London fiasco, where he went dark and the plane extradited him to the USA.

Anyone know what the hell is happening?

(88.02 KB 599x799 1505607779579.jpg)
Anonymous 09/17/2017 (Sun) 19:49:46 [Preview] No. 439 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I think the majority of men these days enable woman to be the person they are today. Woman cannot exist without men, and likewise can be said because we need women to give birth. But with that being said, the majority of women we see today are whores. But you need something to be a whore, and that is a man's validation.

I was on chaturbate and I was watching a cammer today, blonde hair, nice tits, blue eyes. But when anyone tried to talk to her, she just ignored them and played with her puppy that she had beside her. I talked about how she gave the puppy more attention than the people giving her money, and her SIMP ass moderator said "well just give her more tips."

Men don't realize the power we have over women, and men don't realize how much power they give to a women. Because if man realized the power he had, he would be the ruler of the universe. Imagine if all men today just stop prioritizing women right now, and decided to be more into a career they wanted, or just wanted to be rich/famous. You guys know why women chase celebrities, because of the status, mystique, and fortune that a man has, something a woman could never have. But men today see that, and for some reason think that having a lot of women, or having a marriage is important or the best way to get more woman. Royal families had marriages with cousins to keep the bloodline going, and poor families had children because having a extra child around meant extra help, so what benefit does a man get by marrying today? Especially with laws not in favor for men, and divorces being mainly initiated by women.

Men today need to stop giving women attention. That means stop buying a female food just to get laid, texting a woman back hoping he gets in her panties, anything that prioritizes a female. And you want to know why? The lady who had the nice tits and ass that I was talking about earlier with the puppy? She cared more about the puppy then the people giving her money because the puppy didn't give a shit about her. The dog just wanted some food and he'd be fine. But she loved this cute lil puppy to death. Have you ever wondered why a guy who smokes weed all day and doesn't have any ambitions gets laid? Because he doesn't care women as much, he just wants to skateboard and do lazy shit. There's a good amount of people on this site trying to get married right now because they believe they have to get married in order to have a good life, but all you do is give your rights away to a woman who really doesn't give a shit about you at the end. Because no matter what, marriage will always benefit the woman, and woman aren't programmed to love.

This is why men need make themselves the priority of their life, because when it comes down to it, women do the same thing. Women are programmed by nature to fuck the guy with best features/cash flow in which they can achieve. And making a female a goal will just led to the downfall of your life. So please, try to not give a female as much attention, and see whats happens. When you see a girl across the street, just look at her for a few seconds then stop caring. She will wonder why you aren't making her the center of your world, and go crazy. Don't walk up to a woman and try to get her number, that's giving her too much power. When you text a girl, ghost her for a few hours, maybe a few days, she does the same thing anyway so it shouldn't matter. Don't treat woman like the love of your life, treat them like they're a piece of meat, and you should see results.

Anonymous 09/17/2017 (Sun) 19:56:59 [Preview] No. 440 del
(38.25 KB 1000x1000 omega alpha post.png)
That is why people who act like power get power. Newsflash: people who act like betas get no attention.

Anonymous 09/17/2017 (Sun) 20:24:49 [Preview] No. 441 del
And alphas are alphas because they don't give a fuck about anything, they don't care about the labels society give them, because they are stronger than society. A female represents society, and if you let female dominate you, you let everyone walk all over you.

Anonymous 09/20/2017 (Wed) 00:52:44 [Preview] No. 442 del
Porn is more important then women these days.

Anonymous 10/04/2017 (Wed) 00:44:59 [Preview] No. 443 del
You come to these conclusions because you have no life. I am by personality this anon's description of an alpha:
But I am no alpha. Just an average Joe who talks to women. They're not that fucking complex. Women are more emotional. The weak ones seek to use men until they regret their decision to be vapid cunts when they're old, single and undesirable. Then again, so do a few men. The difference is, men become more desirable as we age and women don't. Our net worth rises. Successes. Women have shit for aspirations because they're meant to squeeze children out of their vaginas by design. If you're paying attention to a whore who uses men, you're doing it wrong. Just as stupid bitches that date abusive douchebags. You are WEAK. Every day, I'm disgusted more and more by the submissive whiny pussies of the millennial generation with your safe spaces and hugboxes. Internet smartphone abusing faggots who don't realize all of this estrogen in everything you drink is turning a percentage of you into trans-fags. That's why you're all built like Steve Urkel. Of course you don't know who he is. Google the nigger, you scrawny effeminate literally penis removing Antifa wastes of human life.

general Political Science Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:01:00 [Preview] No. 431 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Discuss political concepts and practices from a layman's perspective.
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Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:09:10 [Preview] No. 434 del

Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:15:47 [Preview] No. 435 del
This is not the same as protecting the consumer from shitty chinese copies though. I think copyright couldn't have survived without "think about the children" logic that real competition will put lead in our food and chair shrapnel up our anuses, and it shouldn't survive as long as such things are even generally prevented by other legislation.

Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:22:35 [Preview] No. 436 del
I come up with summaries like this:
>Purpose of copyright: protecting the creator against infringement
>infringement of the copyright law
Well no fucking shit. "Law exists to stop people form breaking the law! So shut the fuck up, peasant!" Pretty obvious that some corporate shittery is afoot.

Anonymous 09/16/2017 (Sat) 17:29:18 [Preview] No. 437 del
Further, piracy started as a clear equivalent of china copies of IP products, but it's been casually shifted to cover voluntary communism of not paying for the shit you have the means to recreate. These issues are vastly different and any legislation against each should have nothing to do with each other. But it's all just copyright. It's not even an extension to the trademark laws which would still be inaccurate but miles better than copyright, but the system just finds copyright more easy to impose on us.

(60.93 KB 400x400 omegatan.jpg)
The other end of /pol/seshoe Anonymous 09/05/2017 (Tue) 11:08:39 [Preview] No. 428 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
My extreme Christian conservative and Radical socialist views always put me smack dab in the middle of all political landscape test results, because the poorly worded partisan questions arbitrarily cancel each other out. It's like hanging an omega symbol to balance on a tightrope.

And that makes me a dirty fence-sitting centrist.

Anonymous 09/05/2017 (Tue) 11:17:04 [Preview] No. 429 del
the imagery seems apt

Anonymous 09/14/2017 (Thu) 00:00:27 [Preview] No. 430 del
Thank god a anime poster roasted this board.

(50.77 KB 1280x853 arablady.jpg)
(51.04 KB 700x400 indianlady.jpg)
(36.04 KB 330x470 asianlady.jpg)
(24.34 KB 400x266 hispaniclady.jpg)
(45.00 KB 564x564 blacklady.jpg)
Who is the superior woman? Anonymous 06/29/2017 (Thu) 06:20:15 [Preview] No. 312 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Everyone says white women are the superior women, but have you considered the beauty of other races? Maybe your blinded by your national pride, but not all white women are really that beautiful.
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Anonymous 07/06/2017 (Thu) 12:21:07 [Preview] No. 387 del
Because the metaphor reverses all roles and eugenics roughly speaking is political meddling on the free market of genetic evolution, marxism likewise suffers from genetics meddling with the political ideology that would shape marxism. That however is not the point I was able to make in a single sentence, but just a single thing corrected about your denial of it. I know this is really complicated to unpack, but that's what happens when you take a positivist statement and categorically call it "wrong". It would be simpler to work through the limited correctness of positive statements, than the expansive falseness of negative ones.

Anonymous 07/06/2017 (Thu) 19:10:07 [Preview] No. 388 del
ethnicity is a poor choice to use as category since it only adds some minor appearance characteristics.

Anonymous 07/12/2017 (Wed) 00:28:15 [Preview] No. 409 del
Well im not gonna do a genetic survey on a girl.

Anonymous 07/12/2017 (Wed) 00:50:33 [Preview] No. 410 del
(30.66 KB 293x323 james_watt.gif)
>only adds some minor appearance characteristics

That's going to be a huge problem if you find and compare two of the same person except from different ethnicities. In a single dimension however, two different people are going to be entirely different, plus that much more different to boot if they're also from different ethnicities.

Anonymous 08/10/2017 (Thu) 15:20:41 [Preview] No. 426 del
(389.50 KB 1080x1080 820057.jpg)
>Marxism focuses on equality
>stateless society
>classless society
The only class marxism wants to abolish is the capitalist class

It's pretty funny that some people still think marxists are degenerates or sjw's or something. The reality is that marxists can be anyone, because marxism is not a defining character trait at all, being a marxist simply means that someone likes an economic theory (not to mention that they have no control over the economic situation in the world so it's pointless for them to believe in it anyway, it's just LARPing as a "revolutionary").
Marxists are basically delusional dreamers, but this is all that can be said about them as a group.
Any ethnic group in west asia or the northwest of south asia is whiter than an average latino.
I'd mate in my own kind even if I found outsiders more attractive because I have basic self control. In fact this is already the case since I think Germanic and Celtic women are more attractive than my kin but I don't want to be in a relationship with one because there are things more important than looks.
By the way this is why homosexuality can't be a genetic trait, because it's a choice, even if you jerk off to men all day long then having basic dignity is enough to not be a semen slurper in real life

(284.68 KB 1000x1100 1497183250352.jpg)
Sean spicer Anonymous 07/23/2017 (Sun) 05:00:39 [Preview] No. 421 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Has anyone seen the SNL skits of Spicer? Sums up why the Trump administration is a pathetic joke on the American people.

(Channeling Sean Spider's voice) "It's not degeneracy when I say It's not."

Anonymous 07/23/2017 (Sun) 05:04:30 [Preview] No. 422 del

Marriage Anonymous 07/15/2017 (Sat) 23:32:22 [Preview] No. 417 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What is the point of getting married? If the wife isn't happy with you, she can just divorce you and take half your money. If you have a child, you have to pay child support for 18 years of its life. What is the benefit besides "love" which is just marketing bullcrap just to make you pay money for a wedding with a bitch who'll get fat in 5 or less years. Plus, women are manipulative and don't think in terms of loyalty, just emotion. Living alone and fucking random women sounds more desirable then life with a women. I heard non American aren't bad to marry though.

Anonymous 07/15/2017 (Sat) 23:39:54 [Preview] No. 418 del
It's just a powerplay.
To prevent feminism.

A bit too late for it now you cuck.

Anonymous 07/16/2017 (Sun) 00:20:45 [Preview] No. 419 del
Yeah, modern day society has made marriage a joke, making no one wanting to procreate, eventually leading to death