Anonymous 06/08/2017 (Thu) 21:35:18 No. 164 del
Some vegetation "designs" I'm cooking up to use as layers I can copy paste as I please. Also I decided to NOT redo this >>151 tree, however I will use one of the color palettes. The red pine tree and bush tails are probably barely visible, but they're there. Tomorrow I'll finish working on the flora and probably have them colored in.

Also can anyone tell me how to resize images in GIMP without having them go blurry on me? It would be really helpful, while I am going to resize the images in copy pasta form I'm also planning on using depth of field to my advantege so I can color the foreground really detailed (5 colors total TBH), but the background not as detailed.

Something like in the pic named "depth of field study 2", but less detailed like in the pic named "vegetation study plus night time" is what I'm aiming for.