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The corrupting influence of friends Anonymous 05/15/2019 (Wed) 20:52:09 [Preview] No. 20659
Is it bad to have bad kinds of friends? Will they corrupt you? Because this Japanese paragraph says that if you pour red wine into white wine it will become red, and human relationships are the same. Therefore if you believe in good causes should you not be friends with assholes who will corrupt you, etc?

The left gets a lot of flack for virtue signaling and needing purity tests to be friends, just like with the strict religious people. However, if if this is all true then you don't want to hang out with racists or conservatives, bad people who think abortion should be punishable with 14 years in jail, etc. It's certainly true for kids, and apparently for adults to some extent too.

Anonymous 05/16/2019 (Thu) 01:16:24 [Preview] No.20660 del
(79.60 KB 500x317 e1bdc4412a.jpg)
Living near others is for the weak.
Not that I don't like humanity, just that, unless you want to prey on them, they aren't worth being around.
If you are strong enough to flee them I mean, and also, perhaps, "work".
But you will work twice as hard in the rural.
Also I had to get space based IP service to get away from people. That was something like 600 USD outlay to own the dish and modem and then 60 USD per month.
Totally worth it.

Anonymous 05/16/2019 (Thu) 20:22:59 [Preview] No.20661 del
(38.15 KB 680x407 D6atdPNWsAEo2jg.jpeg)
There are a lot of ideas I like in Japanese morality. One of them is that they are more forgiving of people who tell lies even if they're caught. Japanese understand that what matters is why a lie was told, and they extend the benefit of the doubt by default.

Western moralists freak out about lies and treat them as a terrible sin, and yet if you tell them the truth they are intolerant and can't handle it. So if someone lies they assume they're untrustworthy. With Japanese if someone lies, they'll be more understanding--maybe the person was ashamed, put in a bad position, had no choice, or wanted to save someone from embarrassment.

But Christians act offended when they're told lies as answers, even though often times you asked an inappropriate question in the first place. Like if someone asks you how much is in your bank account, or about your exes, it's no big deal to not give a completely honest answer, especially if you don't trust that person.

Anonymous 05/22/2019 (Wed) 03:20:08 [Preview] No.20700 del
Have the balls to tell someone you're not going to answer their question, faggot

Anonymous 05/22/2019 (Wed) 21:27:48 [Preview] No.20711 del
Problem with 'white lies' is that they devalue words and increase the cost of social contract, if I'm even applying the term properly. I'll just touch on 'word value' here. For example when a Japanese compliments your use of their native language the rule of thumb is that you still suck at it. It's not like being sarcastic, in most cases they're just being nice because you're an outsider or want you to feel good about what you've achieved so far. But it doesn't feel very good when you hear it knowing what it is.

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 03:18:57 [Preview] No.20712 del
>However, if if this is all true then you don't want to hang out with racists or conservatives,
What about family who are that way? Not trying to do a gotcha question, just legit curious of your answer.

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