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(94.65 KB 1200x800 casablanca-1.0.0.jpg)
Democratic Socialists of America Anonymous 05/08/2019 (Wed) 05:19:31 [Preview] No. 20615
Is it worth joining one of these political groups? I am am introvert and would rather just follow my own hobbies at home, but I feel increasingly disgusted with mainstream opinions. I almost feel a calling to do it, like I'm somehow not being responsible enough to stop the CEO takeover and consolidation of the government, while the country keeps voting against it's best interests. The DSA wants to bring back labor unions and uncuck the corrupt DCCC, and while I'm skeptical of some of their positions, I'm already becoming a keyboard warrior for Bernie Sanders.

The capitalists are waging class war and winning it. If I stay I think I must volunteer, even though I hate my fellow country men, otherwise maybe I should flee and save myself before wage slavery and rigged elections become finalized.

Anonymous 05/08/2019 (Wed) 14:44:01 [Preview] No.20618 del
I'd say you have three decent choices, either of these recommended: 1) you could leave the US and find a better place to live, 2) you could stay in the US and prepare for an upcoming civil war [prepping, re-locating to a more rural area and becoming self-sufficient] or 3) try to run for an election yourself and take action to make the change on the local level that you would like to see.

The USD is soon going to lose global reserve currency status. China and Russia (and much of the world) are fed up with US hegemony and our interventionist policies, so they are moving to create trade outside the US dollar and currently many are liquidating US Treasury bond holdings. When the US loses global reserve currency status we will be faced with hyperinflation and another massive economic crisis, much bigger than 2008 and multiple debt bubbles will burst in the markets wiping out wealth en mass. Combine this will all the political tension and division, half the nation owning guns, wew baby we got a fucking powder keg ready to blow.

This is the reason I have chosen to live in a much more rural secluded area, on the outskirts of a small town at a good hour drivings distance away from a major city. Got well water. Wood burning stove. Big garden. Solar panels. Chickens. Rabbits. Have connections to local farmers and ranchers as well, and they can supply me wholesale beef and veggies. Yes, a long distance to drive to COSTCO for wholesale foods, but when I do go I bulk up big time, loading my whole truck up for many months worth of wholesale foods. If anyone else can manage doing something like I have, highly recommended. Oh, downside: internet is not as fast as it is in more populated areas.

Anonymous 05/08/2019 (Wed) 20:55:33 [Preview] No.20620 del
If you're an English speaker and want to live somewhere left-of-centre, you'd probably be better off trying to emigrate to any of the non-US, English speaking countries. It is likely easier to move to somewhere that's already majority socialist than trying to change an area that's majority not socialist. The US is the furthest to the right in terms of English speaking countries.

Anonymous 05/09/2019 (Thu) 02:02:27 [Preview] No.20623 del
I'm not against living in the country if I have to. I'd like cities a lot more if they could just build mass transit and stop the air pollution, and provide affordable housing so there wouldn't be homeless. But I think when you're younger and have energy you want the bright lights of the cities, and the constant exposure to young girls, and diverse faces and ideas. The rural areas don't have to be run down and full of aging people, but they are, and it's a major turn-off since I can't relate to the Trump and Hillary show lickers.

I just want to know what colors the socialists will fly if they pull the Democrats left. Democrats are supposed to be blue and Republicans are red, but socialists are red too. The red vs blue fighting is about to becomeanymore. And unless they switch to a new color like Green, I won't know what colors to cheer for anymore. Btw I found out the Democratic Socialists of America are using a rose as their symbol, which they inherited from a French party in the 1970's, because the hammer and sickle has been long tainted by non-democratic dictatorships. It's kind of cool, and feels more environmentally friendly for the 21st century than a sickle which emphasizes productivity and cutting down the Earth. 🌹

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 06:32:27 [Preview] No.20715 del
this tbh, the canadian green party won a seat a few weeks ago so things are lookin up there in regards to representation for a far left person

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 08:49:08 [Preview] No.20720 del
That's awesome. Too bad they were offset by Australia electing the coal burning conservatives this week.

Anyway, capitalism is definitely Earth's most pressing problem right now:

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 19:45:14 [Preview] No.20723 del
(591.70 KB 640x360 time to ass.mp4)
how do aussie elections offset canadian ones?

Anonymous 05/23/2019 (Thu) 23:17:47 [Preview] No.20724 del
(40.84 KB 800x450 capitalism.jpg)
They too are addicted to GDP metrics. Btw I was walking today and I saw two free TVs on the sidewall with signs saying they still worked. One was a flatscreen, the other was CRT. Both will probably be picked up by a garbage disposal company and dumped in a landfill without even being recycled, because we live in a society addicted to quick consumption.

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