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opiod epidemic Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 04:36:45 [Preview] No. 20024
I thought of an idea to curb the opiod epidemic. Press the heroin/fentynal mixtures into pills like mdma is pressed into excstacy. It helps smugglers compressing the powder lowering the surface area. It makes adequite dosages instead of powder in a bag. Never have done heroin i dislike opiates in general and this would stop people from dying and increase profits and brand heroin into a more commoditable peice of exchange.

Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 04:45:17 [Preview] No.20026 del
>2030 New york city
>Heroin epidemic has reached the working class.
>Small pellets called "hits" are killing people like rat poisen
>It started off as a way to save lives but the drug market made counterfit pellets for cheaper mixed with nothing but pharmacutical chalk and a fentynal analog that has taken fire.
>everyone is dying because of those damn pellots.
>addicts are adept at slipping hits into clean peoples food. The service industry is completly saturated. All chefs sprinkle in hits
>everyone like zombies go to the masonic lodge where there is a table to buy hits that you get arrested for when you walk away from it.
>Can't keep eyes open see a man fighting the air.
>fall asleep
>wake up in a fema camp

Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 04:58:09 [Preview] No.20027 del
>wake up on a peice of metal plank.
>Sort of like a shelf in a grogery store we are laid like loaves of bread on planks of lead.
>look over the plank am 50 feet in the air at least.
>in a huge room underneath walmart.
>this is the size of an arena thousands of peopl in cubbies we can all see each other.
>niggers start talking about the slave ships saying "dis how we lived stop cryin crackas"
>people decide to climb down the shelves which is easy to do like ladders.
>there are sensors that shock the climbers to their death.
>Food is shipped to each person like the bank vacume systems.
>feces and urine are showered on everyone below them
>there is lights like hollywood squares that randomly select someone to be a "star"
>They are extracted and tourtured skinned alive for hours days even
>Every day every row and every isle gets a star
>This is life now. This is what happens when you let the satanists pretend in media to be news and the false flags and then hit salesmen

Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 05:04:16 [Preview] No.20028 del
still the cultural capital of the country

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