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(9.40 KB 514x454 wth.PNG)
Кривой хуй (crooked dick) Anonymous 08/30/2018 (Thu) 11:29:36 [Preview] No. 18527
Сап, /b/. Пикрелейтед - стоячий хуй. Не отклонение ли это? Как исправить, если да?

Sup, /b/. Picture related is erected dick. Is this norm or not? How can I fix it if it's not norm?

Anonymous 08/30/2018 (Thu) 12:24:36 [Preview] No.18540 del
Бамп вопросу.

Bump the question.

Anonymous 09/01/2018 (Sat) 00:45:50 [Preview] No.18550 del
don't look normal to me. an erect penis isn't normally going to be perfectly straight but I don't think it should be that bent either. does everything still work? any discomfort when you ejaculate?

Anonymous 09/01/2018 (Sat) 05:23:02 [Preview] No.18551 del
Мистер Вялый.

Anonymous 09/02/2018 (Sun) 19:27:38 [Preview] No.18627 del
(277.96 KB 1560x2080 dick2.jpg)
Yes, everything works well and no pain when ejaculation, but will it be possible to fuck with such dick shape?
It is not Mister Vyalyi as you can see.

(Picture related is another view of fully erected dick, just for medical consultation).

Anonymous 09/03/2018 (Mon) 19:04:11 [Preview] No.18694 del
Bump the thread.
Бамп треду.

Anonymous 09/03/2018 (Mon) 19:16:40 [Preview] No.18695 del
crooked dick is crooked?

Anonymous 09/03/2018 (Mon) 19:19:39 [Preview] No.18696 del
most of them are curved to a degree, if it bothers you seek further medical help i guess

Anonymous 09/03/2018 (Mon) 20:26:44 [Preview] No.18698 del
Used to fuck the carpet in my childhood((( NEVER do it, anybody.

Anonymous 09/03/2018 (Mon) 22:14:13 [Preview] No.18699 del
hello friend
it's called Peyronie's disease


urologists only recommend fixing it if it hurts or makes penetration impossible
also if you're an older gentleman (50+) and it seems getting worse

my tip is to buy an onahole and try enjoying yourself
and if it hurts maybe it'd be worth it to go through surgery

other than that focus more on the pleasure than how it looks
take care

Anonymous 09/03/2018 (Mon) 22:17:42 [Preview] No.18700 del
also in my personal case losing weight and taking supplements that improved blood flow makes my dick straighter
but I guess mine is very mild

Anonymous 09/04/2018 (Tue) 16:41:28 [Preview] No.18708 del
(91.14 KB 877x793 Blake and CWC.jpg)
>crooked duck

Christina is that you?

Helium bag suicide Anonymous 12/26/2018 (Wed) 23:00:09 [Preview] No.19405 del
Will I fail suicide if I fill a big (about 1 cubic metre of volume) plastic bag with helium and then fix it on my head with duct tape?

Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 00:09:59 [Preview] No.19406 del
get a hot plate, a sauce pan and some charcoal briquettes, go in your closet let that shit burn a bit with the charcoal turn the heat off, unless you wanna burn the place down, then breath in. it's all the rage in korea

why you wanna off yourself?

Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 00:42:45 [Preview] No.19407 del
Actually, I don't want to commit suicide right now, I'm just a bit interested in this theme. Sorry for posting to a wrong thread, I didn't notice that I only make a post, not a new thread.

Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 00:48:42 [Preview] No.19408 del
i'll allow it

Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 02:00:55 [Preview] No.19409 del
depression is someything a lot of people go through and is absolutely treatable

Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 16:07:54 [Preview] No.20089 del
Кривой хуй is good 4 the bagina

Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 16:08:27 [Preview] No.20090 del

EFT or hemp oil

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