Anonymous 05/12/2018 (Sat) 15:56:58 No.16413 del
>Christianity is a virus that infects a person's ability to think

No. The State - as I mentioned before - is a virus! The State continues to grow and grow, sponging off the productive hardworking population until the working class can no longer afford to make a decent living, only to inevitably crush dissent, disarm innocent people by brute force, kill those who resist their subjugation and then typically ends up wiping out a mass portion of the population (genocide/democide) as their empire falls apart from fiscal insolvency and lost foreign interventions!

If you fear Jesus, a man nailed to a cross centuries ago, I can assure you The State would have no problem doing the same to people like you or me if we stood in their way.

>And I say and that religion is evil, and causes more harm than good on the whole.

The same could be said for many, many governments to. Although I am not an anarchist, I do believe the real thing to fear is The State. For example: most Muslims do not go around killing people or mutilating genitalia. However, under the Islamic State ("The State" if you will) they do just that, they mobilize their alphabet gangs to subjugate and cruelly punish those who do not conform to their dictates. It is what The State does best! Cancerous.