Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 20:36:26 No.16411 del
Westboro church and Uganda where the Christian government murdered them.

Christianity is a virus that infects a person's ability to think, and then they elect morons and demagogues who cause problems for everyone else. Their leaders push for Christian monuments to be built in courthouses and in Kentucky (Noah's Ark) on the taxpayer's dime. They hold back science (by fighting Galileo, fighting teaching evolution
at school,fighting stem cell research because it contradicts their religiously motivated beliefs on abortion, fighting genetic modification next.)

Their missionaries knock on your door and harass you on the street. Then they try to push indoctrination on kids at Sunday school and to turn everyone into sadomasochist walking door mats like Jesus Christ. There is no reason to want any of this unless you desire to be a slave. I say that religion is incapable of leaving you alone, because they feel a duty to push it on you in the belief you'll burn in hell forever if they don't try. And I say and that religion is evil, and causes more harm than good on the whole.