Anonymous 04/17/2018 (Tue) 03:24:48 No.16279 del
We must eliminate atheists' authoritarian small dick complex. They think authority is self-evident and always true, so naturally they assume there's no freedom to disobey in religion. On their end they support a race to the bottom that whatever whim quides their actions, ultimately genetic predisposition, must be held as an absolute authority.

This is true in all authoritarianism but atheism does nothing but enable this behaviour. Christianity is the strongest movement in the secular world to intrinsically allow people to challenge this behaviour within its own doctrine. No matter how drunk with power the church gets, it will always fail to eradicate its own foundational scripture that includes the basis for both authoritarian an individualist thinking. Every other book can be burned, but the Bible can only be subverted, because its upholders themselves hold themselves to a standard of upholding it. Enter the atheist:

>Lets start with
Selective eradication. On what basis? You got scared? You find it hard to read that much text, the amount of maybe 2 thick novels? How about The Animal Farm?

Whenever WWJD types go around saying that Jesus was so cool and a real punk rock dude, atheists are there to snub it as a lame attempt at being hip with the kiddos. Whenever they're not, atheists are there propagandazing and crying "oh the humanity!" over these gruesome stories.
And they are gruesome.
That's why we need them as stories before a grue drops on us in the secular world. The atheist commie types would of course love it if there were no such preparation when they start their own contemporary re-education programs, and when they start re-writing history there won't be bible around to read on an approximation of history so old that we know it's not been tampered with by the victors of the last war.