Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 15:47:33 No.16268 del
>I have no problem condemning the basis of dictatorships, however Christianity is incompatible with condemning dictatorships

In order to "eliminate Christianity" or other religions you must have a State to engage them and take them out. This would likely be a dictatorship because only a dictatorship desires to eliminate mass groups of people! Therefore you are calling for a despotic dictatorship.

A lot of dictators tend to be people who THINK they are doing something "for the common good" not realizing the hellish nightmare they are creating on innocents and use their ideology as justification for the horrors and tragedies committed. Americans have not experienced the hellish nightmares of Nazi Germany, Stalin's USSR or Mao's China! They do not realize the absolutely awful consequences those citizens have suffered. I have a feeling some day it will be America's turn. And oh the irony is great when the collectivists finally get their way and their system collapses and gets smacked into yet another history book of proven failures!