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Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 08:20:27 [Preview] No. 17248 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm in Vegas, it's 1 AM at the deepest night and the thermometer still says 97 degrees Fahrenheit. What the fuck? It's like stepping into the Sahara.

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 08:23:06 [Preview] No.17249 del
(116.19 KB 990x660 evg-vog-rs2.jpg)
whip your gock out

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 10:15:35 [Preview] No.17250 del
do not tell me what to do I'm waiting for marriage

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 23:35:00 [Preview] No.17254 del
Funny how Pachinko never caught on outside of Japan, not even in Vegas, and yet the first casinos are about to be built in zones in Japan.

Anonymous 06/19/2018 (Tue) 17:48:43 [Preview] No.17194 del
You wanna hear some hip rag-ma-tazz junior? Now this is hip!

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 21:40:51 [Preview] No.17252 del
(9.12 MB 640x356 black lagoon.webm)
Fuck niggers

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 22:12:53 [Preview] No.17253 del

(46.71 KB 600x421 bitch.jpg)
Ayn Rand Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 07:52:33 [Preview] No. 17232 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What do you think of this bitch?
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Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 13:14:48 [Preview] No.17235 del
It really all depends. She's obviously a hypocrite IF the social security checks were not for her retirement.

Most younger people don't know this or can't figure this out for some reason but MOST people on social security are NOT the disabled folks but rather older folks who PAID for their retirement funding and they get this via the government's monthly social security checks. The difference is they worked all their lives and paid into it for many many years. So the money they receive is actually a portion of the money they put into this system while working. Some argue that the government simply skims some of the money off the top and because of inflation they receive less than what they actually put in - but thats another debate.

Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 13:18:59 [Preview] No.17236 del
>complaining about capitalism

This has little to do with capitalism, as this is governmental management of income and retirment savings regardless of her being hypocrital or not. This social security system was not designed by corporations but by politicians long ago, before you were likely born. The government wants people contributing a portion of their income as they work so they can distribute wealth as they see fit (fair or not).

Capitalism is simply about producing and building capital and making profits off the free market - very little to do with government at least intended that way.

Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 16:27:57 [Preview] No.17239 del
Ever read Atlas Shrugged? The rich give up trying to help the savage proles and leave them to destroy themselves. As a poor man myself, I think that's pretty fucking arrogant.

Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 18:51:00 [Preview] No.17241 del
I read about 6 chapters before I stopped. It was ridiculous how she straw manned every argument and thought businesses should show never show compassion for anyone.

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 13:44:46 [Preview] No.17251 del
The problem with these rich types are greed, they do everything they can to make more profits and maintain their influence and at a certain point they'll turn to political bribery and bureaucratic infiltration to maintain their power. The rich just buy up politicians and corrupt governments to maintain even more influence and power, as we have seen happening for a long time now. And eventually citizens get so fed up they throw the current corrupt establishments out, as we are stating to see in Europe. As long as the free market exists at least you can still participate in boycotts and support less established services and businesses.

(8.38 KB 217x232 1526209979418.jpg)
Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 13:39:25 [Preview] No. 16575 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Is there any hope for a grand unified imageboard like 4chan and later 8chan used to be?

Or are we atomised for good?
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Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 17:36:34 [Preview] No.17229 del
I am a newfag here. Just came through tor.
I guess, grand unified imageboards will not happen again, also because every normie has enough time and internet access, to visit any board he wants.
I can never grow big without attracting normies and redditors and all the shit piling into 4chan etc.

Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 17:54:45 [Preview] No.17230 del
This was the way it was meant to be. Who wants one big centralized controlled platform? If you like that, go to Facebook or reddedit as a perfect example to see what happens. The authority is compromised or sells out to the establishment, or creates a for-profit platform turning into a de-facto honeypot.

The only real alternative is to decentralize as much as possible, creating various boards for various reasons moderated by various kinds of people. Those who the most open-minded will check out as much as possible and decide what best suits them. Those that are closed minded will stick to only one or two platforms and never leave their safe spaces.

Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 15:36:56 [Preview] No.17237 del
(335.40 KB 1584x2274 conductor_cat.jpg)
y'all motherfuckers forgot about 7chan

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 03:58:46 [Preview] No.17246 del
No, because chans were grand when they were unified; they were small just like the shattered-chans are now.

Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 04:13:45 [Preview] No.17247 del
that place is pretty amazing. All the bs has gone on since then and it's still standing but no users.

(1.87 MB 700x700 Brent.png)
Anonymous 06/22/2018 (Fri) 00:27:11 [Preview] No. 17245 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"It isn't easy being faster than the speed of sound"

It was a cold and dreary night on that fateful day, strong winds blowing from the east from the mouth of an angry god, droplets of rain crashing down from the clouds above my head, blocking the moons light and bringing darkness,large waves rocking the ship back and forth, and a single objective which I had to fulfill. Hundreds of miles away from any landmasses, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean near the Mid-Atlantic ridge, there I was on a cargo-ship, hiding on the upper deck away from prying eyes, with my sight on the captains quarters. For many decades I have specialized in special operations under the authority of the CIA, disbanding terrorist groups, assassinating major figures, gaining intelligence on foreign governmental entities, and traversing the world. Tonight, my objective was to kill the captains guest, a young man from a Norway who was a very influential figure in the Norwegian government who felt like taking a small vacation into the ocean. I knew not why I was to kill this person, or how to do it, but was only told that it needed to be done, and without question. I had worked my way through the maze of shipping containers, avoiding the bright floodlights illuminating the entirety of the ship, and the employees waltzing around, trying to brighten up their day here in the wet hell. Being seen wasn't a problem, it isn't easy to see that which travels faster than the speed of sound, but one must remember that such high speed results in the displacement of large amounts of air in a short interval of time, and does generate the loudest of sounds, which causes suspicion to arise. What would normally take a human perhaps hours to complete took me only a few seconds, and in the blink of an eye I had made it to the captains quarters from the front deck, producing a knife from within my coat, ready to fulfill my duty. I opened the door, completely bypassing the lock through mere brute force (Fists moving faster than the speed of sound from a stopped position in mere milliseconds generates forces you couldn't even begin to fathom), and navigated my way to the captains bedroom. I had once again punched their door open and made my way to the left side of the bed, raising my knife high into the air, grasped within both my fists, and without hesitation, driven into the heart of my victim, them completely oblivious to what had just occurred, and the sound of the door finally reaching us. They had awoken from their deep slumber, shrieking in terror at the blade lodged deep within their torso stained with their blood, and a small bipedal creature unlike any other seen before standing at their side. I had taken a few steps back, the victim still screaming in fear and the captain barging into the room, grasping a shotgun and scanning the room, catching me in his sight, and pointing his gun at me, shouting the words, "What are you?!?!?!", his body trembling in fear like a cornered dog being approached by the controller of animals. I had responded, "They call me B", and with the conclusion of my statement, I squeezed my eyes shut, concentrating the energy within me to prepare for my departure. I had begun to levitate into the air, a glowing white aura forming around me, illuminating the room, and protecting me from the bullets of the captain's gun. I had slammed my hands together, and a black sphere had grown from my solar plexus, consuming the entirety of my body, and then shrunk into an infinitesimally small point, sending me through the fabric of reality faster than the speed of light and leaving me in the main control room of the pentagon, completely powerless and weakened what I had just performed.

Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 19:33:18 [Preview] No.17244 del
(8.60 MB 1500x1500 you.png)
You're a faggot OP.

(123.04 KB 500x500 971.png)
Anonymous 06/07/2018 (Thu) 11:42:59 [Preview] No. 16874 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=_3rbzlh3JHc [Embed]

Anonymous 06/13/2018 (Wed) 17:12:16 [Preview] No.17082 del
(10.60 KB 320x480 sweet-young-trap.jpeg)

Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 18:48:23 [Preview] No.17240 del
(71.09 KB 731x620 Df78f1qWkAAjmnr.jpg)
Lol, new sonic movie

(428.53 KB 1920x1080 overlord-ii-0214.jpg)
Wordpress censors for offended people im Pakistan Anonymous 06/21/2018 (Thu) 15:47:20 [Preview] No. 17238 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

EU Plans To BAN File Sharing, Mandate Web Filtering Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 12:59:36 [Preview] No. 17224 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Considering the EU wants to censor the internet under the guise of 'copyright enforcement' I think it would be a good idea to discuss alternatives to file hosting, such as decentralized P2P clients. I use Soulseek and have tested out Tribler as well. Both are pretty awesome tools. Mostly music is shared with Soulseek but there are movies and TV shows (among other obscure content) being shared among peers as well. Tribler has much more diverse content being shared among peers as it not only works as a P2P but also a Bit Torrent client as well. Both these platforms have their own built-in search engines so you can find the media you want to download. What it comes down to is this: if unelected bureaucrats intend to curb our ability to share media over the web, we will seek alternatives such as node to node communications.



One more thing, private VPN use recommended for security and privacy.

Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 13:03:43 [Preview] No.17225 del
>One more thing, private VPN use recommended for security and privacy.


List of recommended and trusted VPN services that utilize encryption and no-log policies.

Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 13:09:19 [Preview] No.17227 del
If any of these links go down, do not fret. I have all the P2P software backed up, both on discs and thumb drives. If down, they all go up here!

Another nice decentralized P2P client:


Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 14:49:56 [Preview] No.17228 del
(145.01 KB 1110x743 About Tox.png)
Whether it's corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in. Supports End-to-End encryption. Totally decentralized, P2P.


Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 18:03:05 [Preview] No.17231 del
Various versions of P2P clients for multiple operating systems (typically for Windows, Mac and Linux) are being mirrored here:


Check back for updates. I have years of backups of old P2P clients but before I find and mirror them I want to make sure 1) they still are active and 2) they can still be utilized with relative ease.

Anonymous 06/20/2018 (Wed) 13:08:34 [Preview] No. 17226 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
If any of these links go down, do not fret. I have all the P2P software backed up, both on discs and thumb drives. If down, they all go up here!

Another nice decentralized P2P client: