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Has Our Galactic Time-Line Changed? – AIM Truth Bits

There is evidence out there in the history of civilization of cycles - 144,000 years, 72,000 years, 14.4,000 years, 7200 years and 3600 years, the supposed cycle of Planet X. The ice ages fall within this range as well as the ELEnin events (ELENIN - EXTINCTION LEVEL EVEN IS NEAR? Was that a signal to those in the know?). What happened to the supposed passage of Niburu? What to make of such theories? What is the effect CERN LHC is having on this. Has CERN shifted us into an alternate reality or is it doing so constantly? Would this explain THE BUTTERFLY effect and THE MANDELLA effect? Or has this shift simply been one of consciousness, so that the same affects the outcome of reality, when Global Consciousness can be so manipulated by the KHABBALAH and Khazarian mafia in such a way as to affect the outcome of reality? How does this relate to the ideas of the HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE? Is space limited? What lies beyond the limit of the universe, if there is one? How can the universe be limited if we live within an entropic contained quantifiable and entangled universe with a measurable background radiation indicating it is flat, stable, has an origin and is expanding? Can the torus shape of our universe explain cycles of destruction and re-birth? What lies at the edge of the universe? What is the shape of the same?