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Even the move from 8-chan to 4-chan illustrates how the entire thing is a larp. Q and 8 chan claim the Q trip code from 4 chan remained the same, as they moved him to 8-chan. This is impossible, since trip codes are computer generated and 8 chan is a different site, so anyone typing in Q and a password on a new site would generate a completely different trip code. Yet Q and 8-chan claim the same trip code was being maintained, with the same user name and same password when the move took place. This is not believalbe. Face it folks, NOTHING Q has predicted has come to pass. He is throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall, hoping something sticks. AND MOST of what he has predicted has not taken place. He is a copy-cat, a fake, a farce, a psy-op being run by The Clowns in America and their F_I counter-parts, in an attempt to run the controlled opposition effort, to be in control of the restoration of the Republic which we, Karen Hudes and other groups have created, so as to hy-jack and undermine it. Dozens if not hundreds of thousands of people along with their Youtube shills and dozens of Q boards and channels are all either fooled or are shills, spinning and running with the "Q" narrative, all to actually undermine the restoration of the Republic, by presenting to you a copy made in China of poor quality. And so, will you continue to fall for it or will you help us expose it and restore the Republic? The choice is yours.

We have hundreds of pages we created at the time and it could take us a year to re-create it all and re-post it all.

Here are just a few samples, attached.

Please see this info here to find-out truly who created the Q terms “Calm Before the Storm”, “The Storm” and who initiated the Q movement.

Again, Q is a combination of our ideas which he stole, CICADA, Edward Snowden writings and the ideas of others from 2013. We have posted the initial proof. Someone with white hat NSA contacts can confirm such posts were made on another board at that time, as noted in the above link. We tell the truth. Can you handle the truth or will you run with the fake Q, feeding your hopes creating a delusion of smoke and mirrors? Will you fall for the joker or trust in God above to help us restore the Republic stolen from us? The choice is yours. As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.

Please see the next posts for a description of these images....