WATCH AS FAKE Q BURNS!! Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 03:48:46 No.424 del
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Please see this link:

Here at this link above provided info on how the terms Q uses such as "The Calm Before the Storm", "The Storm" and the ideas he implements of taking down the pyramid, of MIL arrests, taking-down Soros and other ideas Q presents are actually not his own, but ours, those of CICADA, of Edward Snowden and of others as far back as 2013.

We posted a link (re-posted below) which outlines the posts we made on a forum way before Q entered the scene, where we stated that "A quiet storm" was rising and then we stated a month later it had turned into a storm, way before any person going by the name of Q had posted. By the time the trip-code "Q" posted, we had already posted all the plan to take down the NWO, the pyramid and put it all together into a workable actionable plan. Q simply stole this plan, claimed it to be his own then came out and accused us saying "You failed". Thus, Q is a liar, a thief and a copy-cat. So who is the true failure if not this fake Q?

We have posted images of our posts on a legitimate board that was taken-down by Amazon and the clowns around January 05th of this year. Since all of our hundreds of posts on restoring the Republic were wiped, no trace exists on the Internet of the hundreds of posts we made. We have html copies of all of it however. On the board where we posted this, we believe Trump came in and was observing. (We gave him our code to recognize us someday, if needed). And someone going by the name of "Q" also created a thread and said he would present to us his "latest cues." (We have html copies of all the many pages discussion with him especially in December of last year. Yet current Q claims no communications past, present future outside 8 chan and 4 chan. How can this be? Obviously an attempt to obfuscate what actually took place and hide who created the movemnt). So I engaged a discussion with this "Q" for about two months on that same board and this ended around December 28th or so, when the board shut-down our Q discussion thread and erased it. Just before shutting it down, the board had some clown agents come in and issue to us death threats, accusing us of destroying their board. Immediately they erased the comments, closed and erased the thread. Five days later the entire board was wiped clean as a slate. Thousands upon thousands of pages gone. The Blueprint to Restore The Republic wiped clean. All ordered by Amazon, where the site was hosted, run by Jeff the Bozo, the clown agent man. Our posts were being shadow banned, were not showing up in Google searches, while all the other posts were. Our posts were under HEAVY attack, as we laid out the plan to restore the Republic in minute detail. Notice that if you look at even the first original posts of Q even none of those things "Q" claims have actually taken place. So we suspect Q is LARP from the get-go. There was never any legitimacy to anything any version of Q has stated, since the original posts are full of disinfo and nothing any of the various versions of Q, from anonymous version to trip-code triped-out versions (Some 20-30 ips used for anon posting and then he created about 5 different trip code versions of himself on 5 different board or site locations).

Continued to PART II.