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UPDATE: 2018-10-04 2:00AM PDT - The Russian government is going to block our entire hosting company if we don't remove certain loli. Hosting company doesn't care. So Russian users get prepared to use tor or VPNs

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>>/kc/20108 >>20107 To demographic. Ofc if a home is available and the person has enough pay they'll move in. I'm not sure how much they're
>>/kc/20107 >>20103 >normal human been Scary as shit. >>20084 I played very little with V2. The scale is absolutely different, in T4 where
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>>/b/19079 >>19069 If someone did that to me, I'd assume it was acid and batter the shit out of her and take the liquid to the hospital wit
>>/operate/10001 /sp got some balls to pull that shit on /operate. Respect.
>>/kc/20106 >>20100 Yes and expressing it's a meme tier answer. And I asked back basically why he thinks it is. And your quote is off I clea
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