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>>/librejp/33477 >>33377 けいおんちゃんに限ったことじゃないけど、 虹裏なんかでネタが肉付けされてキャラとして独立される様子は ちょっとだけP2なんかの噂システムっぽい
>>/pol/33540 Also on THICC Not only is CC 33 - it's "crip" lingo. Crip gang doesn't like saying "ck" because blood gang uses "ck" to mean cri
>>/pol/33539 >>33515 >where did /ourguy/come from Cuckchan's /v/ - There's a vidya reviewer shitskin on youtube named Angry Joe who sometime
>>/tech/8125 >>8117 found the markov bot this one apparently trained specifically with anti-wikileaks propaganda
>>/4/10618 odezwij sie moze latem
>>/pol/33538 >>27720 Almost all of those are just *chan memes, some of which have been around for 5 years or longer. Maybe there are JIDF-ty
>>/pol/33537 >>33522 go back 4chanfag fucking kike
>>/pol/33536 >>33520 Spending time on 8pol is like living in a nation controlled by Sharia law. Half of posts are nothing but calling other
>>/ggrevolt/16249 >>16246 >none of them will dare confront variloh directly Found the John
>>/4/10617 najlepszy

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