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>>/sp/10672 >>10671 >sharks couldnt swim in oil >ducks cant swim i oil >oilers move onto the conference final to play the predators >predato
>>/pol/40349 >>40345 True, but I sage because I don't give a shit. The kid expressly went out and antagonized niggers. Niggers are not civili
>>/sp/10671 ducks can't swim in oil, cucks can swim in their wife's bull cum.
>>/sp/10670 [code]Ordered By Hours Left: https://boards.4chan.org/co/ 92000000 | 14483 Posts Left | 1560 PPH | 33075 PPD | 9
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>>/sp/10669 >>10668 move them to seattel
>>/sp/10668 >>10666 time to blow up the team, it aint working
>>/sp/10667 >>10664 Rachel Homan has those beautiful eyes
>>/sp/10665 >>10662 the whole story on why the Jazz are in Utah is dumb as fuck
>>/sp/10664 Homan > Mary

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