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>>/ggrevolt/20975 >>20972 >ooooh, yeah, E. Yeah, he was a cool dude, but just fell off the map. He was, and people had the biggest hate-boners fo
>>/tech/13206 The only thing I found that I might be able to use is iomenu But then again I don't even use dmenu as anything more than a prog
>>/pone/3498 >>3493 >I think we give him more credit than what he actually did at the time. Nah, we were just joking around. The point is
>>/librejp/142117 カナチャン… 私がママよ…
>>/librejp/142116 プルプルドッグ多いな
>>/trashcan/8 >>191708145 А мы с тобой сдохнем в этой нищей параше с путинами, боярами, пгм-нутыми бабками-коммунистами, казаками, хачами, узб
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>>/librejp/142114 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mixIvfqjiFQ
>>/kc/23327 >>23325 I might start it myself with brief and sometimes more in-depth descriptions of 8jim boards. They tipically fit into 5 ca
>>/ggrevolt/20974 >>20973 Dropped in the discord and Kelly kicked me. Oh shucks. Is anyone paying attention to the Warski/JF drama? What's the st
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