Anonymous 08/09/2017 (Wed) 13:27:46 No. 11007 del
Christ, what a shit thread. GTA SA deserves better then this.
>good mod
>one that connects liberty city and vice city to it
If i wanted to fuck around in Vice City or Liberty City i'd play VC, VCS, III or LCS.
The best mod is the MTA SA mod aka a multiplayer mod thats better then SA:MP. Another great mod is the DYOM mod which allows you to create your own missions and play other community created missions. I also like SnowAndreas because it changes everything to a winter theme along with a bunch of skin changes.
Theres also plenty of small mods that i really like that i won't get into right now. SA has a massive number of mods for it, there are still a bunch of mods being made for it and i hope it continues to grow.

Now, lets ignore that OP(a faggot) wanted to make this a SA specific thread while putting in 0 effort and let me ask 2 questions:
Compared to other GTAs, how does SA compare for you anons?
Which GTA games do you like the most?