Anonymous 07/13/2017 (Thu) 15:44:37 No. 10916 del
Bought it on sale super cheap, to summarize my experience, it's super easy but still enjoyable to a certain degree.

So right off the bat something that stood out for me is that there's a log for all pieces of dialogue plus text in the game. You have to pay attention to this log and collecting text from the environment plus populace to get hints on where to go. This is pretty cool for what was originally a mobile game and it's also vague enough so it doesn't mislead you, or spoonfeed you information. The way shortcuts are handled is just awesome, it's something you have to earn. Granted the puzzles to earn them are pitiful in difficulty, but at least there was an attempt.

The core puzzles in the game for the most part are pretty easy, however the Ice Palace is really a doozy. If you're not careful you can end up doing it out of order. However just because it's out of order doesn't mean it's impossible, which really surprised me. There's also a tight-rope esque segment in this dungeon which while not hard with Keyboard+Mouse or a Console controller might be a handful or impossible for some who are stuck on mobile devices.

The combat is OBVIOUSLY very reminiscent of the the 2d zeldas with most of the inspiration coming more from Minish Cap and Link to the Past. Due to the game being in a very 3/4s 3d plane rather than 2d, or bird's eye tilt 3d like the sequel to LttP for the 3ds, the aerial enemies are never a threat even when you're preoccupied with enemies on the ground.In general facing enemies isn't really that challenging or hard, the only boss fight that was memorable to me was the Ice King and the final boss fights. But even those are a cake walk.

The world traveling aspect is fucking weak, yes the game was originally a cellphone title, but I wish they would have added a better overworld or one with more features for the PC version. Like I'm not expecting a complete rehaul of it or anything, but some random events Red Dead Redemption style would have been nice. For example, while you're traveling you have the chance to rescue a vessel being hijacked by pirates. Or you have the chance to fight a gang of pirates or big ass monsters. Honestly it's been ages since I've played Windwaker so I don't remember if this was a major issue there too, all I remember is fishing at sea for mission items, treasure or hidden items.

The story, I actually like more than your average Zleda games, but that's not really a great feat. The romance part of the story was just completely out of the left field and just really doesn't add anything to the game. Really wanted to be able to interact somehow with Neeti but nah, she even stops following you around the island after a couple of quests. Loved the captain Ahab style obsession your father has with Oceanhorn and it's great seeing him struggle between it and his son.

It really needed more developing, but it's a mobile game, and the focus was clearly gameplay.

Over all, 6/10, really average game with some serious drawbacks due to the fact it was originally a mobile device game.