Bitching about modern FPS thread Anonymous 05/15/2017 (Mon) 18:01:08 No. 10547 del
>out of curiosity decided to see what's going on with HALO for old time's sake
>no announcement for this E3 despite 343 working on it for a year now
>343 is now saying they're going to be focusing on making the game feel more realistic

Oh boy, you know I just don't know why Bungie didn't take what they had in HALO 2 and made it EVEN MORE over the top in HALO 3. We could have had the Crysis of consoles if they had decided to make the gameplay make you feel more like a super soldier. In HALO 4 and 5 I could see the studio attempt to make the players feel more "super human" but the problem is that they did it with shitty cool down abilities.

Which that coupled with COD Faggotry Ironsights and NSA XBONE is why I skipped out on those entries. Honestly I wish there was an FPS that makes me feel superhuman like Crysis 1 and Warhead did. If Bungie had decided not to pander to the MLG faggotry scene we could have had it too.