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Opps, that one isn't lolicon or erotic. This one is erotic though:


#h-game #visualnovel


One day, Thirua, a devil, turns Yuzuki, the main character, into a girl. He'll need to get back to a man in one month. If he fails, he'll never return to a man. Otome, his senior, knows it, and she takes him to her school dormitory. To get back to a man, he'll need to give Thirua some kind of sex energy every week. Yuzuki tries to save the energy in cooperation with the girls....

Notes: The main character is very feminine from the beginning, which is why the best pairing is with that cosplayer who sews her own clothing. (There's also a devil girl route.) As usual, the transformation process is nearly instantaneous.

Developer: Cocktail Soft
Publishing year: 2007

【18禁ゲーム】【071122】ティルアぱにっく 初回限定版 同封 Piaキャロットへよ\

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