Anonymous 04/19/2017 (Wed) 20:58:07 No. 8358 del
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>I pretty much don't want to use an init system for this shit. It overcomplicates things when the program already has a daemon mode.

dnscrypt-proxy itself provides a systemd unit in the tarball, and Arch includes it, too. What's overcomplicated is finding some hacky alternative way to launch dnscrypt-proxy (which would no doubt not include process supervision) when you can just type

# systemctl enable dnscrypt-proxy

and never have to worry about it again.

Many services that are designed to run as daemons, like sshd and postfix, are typically managed by a distro's init system. Of course, you can use whatever bizarre, hacky method you like. But it's not going to be less "overcomplicated" than just doing what your init system was designed to do, and what the dnscrypt-proxy authors expect you to do (as evidenced by the fact that they provide both systemd files and sysvinit files with their software).