Anonymous 04/14/2017 (Fri) 09:27:59 No. 8317 del
I can't seem to be getting dnscrypt working on arch and people on irc just say "just use the systemd unit bro" "works for me TM"
So here's what I did:
- install dnscrypt-proxy from the repos
- copy /etc/dnscrypt-proxy.conf to someplace in my home folder which I bak up along with my dot files
- read all the config and the man page, didn't need to change much
- added entry in bspwmrc for 'dnscrypt-proxy ~/path/to/config'
- edit /etc/resolv.conf and set as a nameserver which is the local address used by default in the config which remained unchained
- dnscrypt starts without any problems, but I can't connect to anything

Does dnscrypt need root ? I'm on grsec and I'm pretty sure I don't use the default port 53 for anything else.