Anonymous 02/27/2017 (Mon) 19:35:42 No. 8129 del
what the fuck. how can anyone be this stupid (assuming they're not a shill)?

captcha slider is meaningless. it is a concept made up to make customers feel good about themselves.

>I write user-friendly software with good UX
No, you missed the irony. UX is not a legitimate field. It's a term thrown around by charlatans to pretend user interface design is too hard for developers and needs professional people trained in CYBER-PSYCHOLOGICAL interaction and what not. Then it provides a set of doctrines about how to design user interfaces, and the result is completely retarded shit, such as your site. At this point I can't even remember what your site looked like because it was down every time this thread got bumped, but it was twitter tier buggy unusable slow garbage.

>The material web interface also provides an easy way to install custom CSS to strip material bits you don't like. I don't know what else you want.
No you don't understand, your site was shit and hardly worked at all. See post on 8ch/tech:
>I had JS off initially, so clicking "SPEAK FREELY" would bring me to a page with a post form which silently fails. Going again with JS, if you look really hard (or I suppose smart phone users might notice it right away), there's a pencil button at the bottom right. But then it still silently fails. I even tried the .onion domain and same result.

>reCAPTCHA *is* easy for end users. Many just need to click on a check box.
Yes, users who use the same cookies and IP for months at a time. When you tie personal identity to every transaction you make on the internet, captcha is redundant. You do not need Google to implement such a trivial feature. 4chan had this feature a decade before the G.

>Because captcha is complex and Tokumei is not HN shit.

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