Endwall 01/21/2017 (Sat) 22:06:06 No. 7881 del
No one emailed me on Friday.

I'll leave it up in text mode for the next two days and then return to my normal operations until i build my tor only mail server.


You still want to do the decrypts and encrypts on an airgap . Assume any computer connected to the internet has keylogging.

So if you want to use subkeys fine get a third computer. Two air-gapped computers and an online transmission computer.
Decrypt and Encrypt on the transmission computer means you may have given the content away. Coppying 100Kb text files back and forth and using jails is more safe than plugging in an RJ45 cable and typing on your keyboard.

Do it my way and you're home free. They'll need physical access to your full disk encrypted system or a virus that exfiltrates bit by bit. If you only copy the encrypted text file to the A:\ drive and write a checksum or some other verification method, and have reasonabley good security on your physical location I think this is the best way.