Anonymous 01/07/2017 (Sat) 10:29:18 No. 7795 del

>BIOS flashed
ugh, no.

recent Chromebooks use coreboot booting signed u-boot payload whether it's x86 based one or arm based one. by default it only accepts google signed u-boot images but you can disable this feature anytime in chromeos's terminal.

>hw compatibility

not really. Debian will work out of box as one of their dev invested some time on getting his chromebook working correctly.

and when it comes to kernel version choice, you should just stick to mainline linux(of Linus)or use google maintained ones on their tree. normal users shouldn't really care about the exact numbering of their kernel as google will backport almost everything from mainline and Linus accepted most necessary patches from google to his tree.

The only issue is Mali. Mainline linux only have Mali frame buffer support (enough for pretty printing initial console)not full DMA for OpenGL support.

I use gentoo and I did not have that much trouble getting Chromebook keyboard and pad working correctly.

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