Anonymous 09/07/2017 (Thu) 03:31:50 No. 11038 del
>>11035 (me)
>It's childish.
Did any of you reading ever thought that some people antagonise your thoughts because we want to generate more discussion? All you see is a childish behavior. I see more than you, it seems.

Anyway, in this case, you're wrong about some things:
>relies on user error to run or to gain elevated privileges.
People should be running on unprivileged user. If you can elevate privileges it's a software issue that should be fixed.
>Unix-like systems is that they have so little marketshare outside of servers and embedded systems
What? Android is the most used system in the world. Guess what? It's linux kernel. IOS and Mac OSX was also based on some modules from FreeBSD (before Darwin conception), and is unix-like.
>it's a relevant /tech/ topic
Windows is a lost case. We solve nothing discussing about it.
>create automated detection methods for malicious software on other platforms, as well.
Again, your system should not have holes. It maybe interesting for so protocol weakness that can't be solved, like TCP distributed DOS. Besides that, I can't see how it's useful, since your system (Windows) is already fucked by default.
>PDF is an open format.
It's compiled and can run javascript. Not safe.
>because you're not bright enough to understand it anyway

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