Anonymous 08/30/2017 (Wed) 12:37:15 No. 10938 del
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>you don't realize that you've just swallowed another, equally braindead narrative.

Which one?

>I'll start posting there if half of the userbase leaves, and the other half leaves and commits suicide, so I can be sure they won't come back.

You seem to be extremly narcissic. That's not suprising that you clearly insult me of ape. I guess everyone are apes, and you're the man, isn't it? You're understanding the big scheme, and everyone else are just retards around you?
You're a good modern. Perfectly in your time.

>Ever see that episode of Rick and Morty where the Devil gives Rick a microscope that, if he used it, would have lowered his IQ to idiot-level?

About /news/, /news/ is just a news aggregator, (trying) doing the job of selecting the most interesting news from the massive news flow. You can't do shit without these aggregators. Again, i'm talking about here, not 8ch.