Anonymous 08/17/2017 (Thu) 15:27:10 No. 10795 del
It's really not too hard to farady cage your data, and you don't have to farady cage your whole computer. What I do is store all my important media/data offline in both DVD and flashdrive mediums, and faraday cage those backups. You can buy static-proof / RF-proof "faraday bags" online for pretty cheap, sometimes you need to double-nestle them to absolutely assure proper EMP prevention.

I also have an old big Creamtex container from a farm that acts as a proper faraday cage (yes, I've tested it out with radios and cell phones, they get no reception when being closed in the container). That I store a perfectly good laptop inside with Linux OS already installed, along with a bunch of other flashdrives and storage mediums to keep them protected.

If there were an EMP, sure my regular computer would be toast, but I'd have a backup laptop & mouse with all my important files double-nestled inside faraday baggies.