Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 13:09:38 No. 10707 del

>Even though the high instances can fuck any regular encryption, since they're now using quantic encryption at the high state level.

Deciphering algorythm using regular computation is linear, where algorithm using quantum computing is logarithmic. That means that everything encrypted with the regular encryption algo can be broken by quantum algo, no matter what is the length of the key, since it's logarythmic.

I'm not a native english speaker, so maybe am I using the wrong words. Moreover, I'm certainly not a quantum specialised physicist.
But I personaly consider the current encryption as broken.
It's maybe expansive to do so, but if I remember well, the services keep anything encrypted, waiting to later decypher it when it's cheaper anyway.
As I said, they don't need to bruteforce most of the time. I don't find it back, but a guy in a conference explained that the standard for encryption implementation haven been made so complicated that you can't code anything without exploit.

That's for all these reason, that I said that if you want to do anything serious here, you can't do shit alone. You need an organisation.

The main goal of free software/open source is to meet the requirement of the basic engineer worker; he needs a motive, he needs to feel having his skill sharpen. That's why a lot of companies actually encourage their worker to work in open source. It's very good for productivity. It was certainly not the original motive, but it certainly is now.