Anonymous 08/13/2017 (Sun) 04:46:23 No. 10705 del
The initial reason I advocated for light single-purpose programs was to minimize the probability of bugs and an easier code to audit or review. If one wanted to minimize bugs and have a clearly defined path for a process to go, various single-purpose programs working together as a net would be ideal, however, this is inefficient and calls for work that many are not willing to put in.

>but most people build nothing
I should have changed that sentence to say "with room for savvy and inventive users with to build and add onto it"

>satellites that can predict weather patterns w/ single-purpose programs
It is possible, but not ideal, this is an instance where single-purpose programs would not be ideal.

>you are uninformed
I am aware of the data collection.

>you are naive
I have yet to see cold hard evidence of oppression by wealthy countries, but this may be due to my incompetence when it comes to investigating into issues.

>you lack imagination
I have pondered various paths that the present may take, and I typically see collected data being used to advertise towards the people being datamined. Most companies collect data without a purpose as a contingency plan in case said data becomes of use to them. Quantum computers may have already been invented, I have absolutely no idea, this entire reality could be my mind toying with itself, all of my true senses cut off with my mind rendering this world to put itself to use.

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