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I'm not being defeatist.
I'm just saying that security will be a matter of organised groups, because of its complication.
When I say that everything is backdoored, I'm not saying that every piece of hardware, every piece of software is backdoored. I'm saying that if you right now use most of the hardware produced by big companies, it's backdoored. I mean, there always will be a flaw to fuck you up. That's why they don't need to kill encryption. It's so easy to get around. Even though the high instances can fuck any regular encryption, since they're now using quantic encryption at the high state level.
All I'm saying is that hacking is gonna get harder and harder.
And I'm pretty sure that they're gonna find a solution, for the bugs. Maybe a trained AI who correct them, maybe some kind of (easy) method to prove that a program is sure etc...


I would say that it mostly require money.
Give me one billion, and a state secret service, and I'll hire the biggest scientists out of college, build a base in antartica and make them create tech 20 years ahead.
It's pretty easy to conceive. A secret service is a mafia. They handle drug traffic, weapons traffic, wars etc... I don't thing that a DARPA kind of companies somewhere with a false name is that hard to make for them.

And please, stop with the paranoid meme. If you have a smartphone, then you're fucked. If you use any intel proc, then you're fucked. There is not paranoia in this. Tor never ever was designed to counter a traffic analysis attack. So it does not protect you from mass surveillance. Maybe it could be a piece in the process, but certainly not an end in itself.

Btw, I highly think that Snowden is actually an american agent. He haven't actually revealed much that the professional, even considered paranoid, didn't know back then. But that's mostly speculation. The why would be a big psyops attack on the world, making everyone fear the NSA capabilities, and make them be implicitly totaly transparency towards the government.