Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 21:58:55 No. 10690 del
> I don't believe there is a government plan to keep us all down and steal our data to destroy us

I don't understand why people are afraid of going against their government. I don't understand why they blindly follow the propaganda saying the government and ultimately the power upon us as purely incompetent, unable to face the challenges, the market.
Seriously. That's the same retards that thinks that the market is some kind of uncontrolled beast, a beast we have to manage as must as we can.

You need to start to understand that Trump is not the power. The so called government are just managers, applying a policie which does not come from them.
YES, the power in place, whatever name you call it, the big capital, the shadow government, wants to monitor everything about us, and they know exactly what they're doing. YES, they're gonna at the end insert a chip in us. It's maybe not the RFID, even though it's starting in some companies there and there, but just look at what Elon Musk is saying, look at Neurolace.

They're not incompetent. The market is not a blind uncontrollable beast. Most of what is happening is intended. Ofc, there is some uncontrollable things that happening, that you have to pass though, but the goal is the same.

About the security, I'm in no way a professional, but what I could try to guess is that most of the security flaws are gonna be fixed in the future, and the power is gonna keep its backdoors. What I'm afraid of is that the actual security will be so high that only very high entities will be able to do anything (big mafia hacker group, secret services, R&D of big companies etc..) . We're not gonna be able to do shit anymore. The myth of the all mighty security researcher is gonna end. Everything is gonna be lock down. That's why we NEED to mark our path before it happens. If we don't do anything, then nothing will be possible after that. The exemple I can give, is the bank security. Today, it's literaly impossible to rob a bank.

I truly have a very very dark vision of the future. I think that we don't feel it yet because the stats don't actually use their totalitarian tools yet, and because even if a terrorist attack would occur, the information is such controlled today that they can wipe the crime scene very fast, and stifle any noise going on the wire (yeah, because the best way to counter any attack against the power is to make full silence about the terrorist act, that why you're never gonna know is a terrorist attack happened against the actual president). But I can attest that in europe, looking at how they're destroying rights, the great dystopia is very close (for exemple, in france, the state of emergency is now in the law. Cops can come in your home without warrants; they have customs right, so they can search your car; they have forced every ISP to put their computer in the middle of the network etc...).
Never forget that giving a phone or anything electronic to a kid will give EVERYTHING to them. Even someone who would want to stand up would simply get shut down, because everything is known before even wanting to do anything.

Just to finish, everything is backdoored. That's why China have fought very hard to build their own hardware. Without none backdoored hardware (including HDD firwares etc..)... Everything is so much harder.
I think that some people have solutions for all of that, but they can't make their solution public, to not give it out to the concerned peoples...