Anonymous 08/11/2017 (Fri) 05:54:59 No. 10687 del
I'm not telling what you or everyone here should do or not. I just want coherence: openbsd banned nginx from it's base system because it's not secure enough (for their standards). So them they constructed a new alternative, that is "secure by default". If you're serving static html pages, why would you use something else then what's on openbsd's own base system? It doesn't make sense.
But, as I said above, the endwall guy already said here's *not* running openbsd on this specific server, so that's fine. Why is it so difficult to you to rationalize what I'm saying, instead of just giving a big "fuck you" to everything I write? Fucks sake man, give it a break. Instead of attacking me, go and contribute yourself.