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>(because it's pretty much automatic today to go verify your social media account, even in case of getting a job)
>there are people not getting hired because they don't have any social media account

This is a myth that has been going around for years. Unless you're applying for a job that involves social media, like being the social media coordinator or PR person for a company, most companies aren't going to give a shit about your Facegram and Instatweet accounts, and aren't going to check.

In many larger organizations, HR is explicitly prohibited from searching for the social media accounts of applicants, because it could be a source of information on the applicant like race, marital status, etc. and the company doesn't want to be accused of (and sued for) not hiring on the basis of having known this about the candidate.

I boycott social media, except for a bogus Twitter account that I use to follow certain accounts I like to keep track of. I work in a public-facing role, so there's already basic information about me (name, a photo, work phone and email) on the company's website, so if I thought it were necessary to have social media accounts, I would make them with no more information than is already available online.

I don't see any point in doing that, though, and to be honest, if someone looking to hire you is such a turbo-normie that they care if you have social media accounts, they're probably going to be freaked out if you don't have lots of friends and activity on your account.

>Maybe is it too much effort, since your ISP by looking at the keywords you enter in the search engine, can know everything about you... I don't trust https.

There's no evidence that ISPs can compromise https without using a very obvious MITM attack that would require a user to manually accept a bogus cert.