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(328.19 KB 500x500 TAD.png)
/tech/ - Technology Anonymous 02/06/2018 (Tue) 21:45:11 [Preview] No. 12357 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Welcome to /tech/, a technology board. This board is for discussion of computer technology, both software and hardware.

Previous thread: https://archive.fo/WxkDv

NSFW files are only allowed if they are spoilered.
All rules and policies are open for discussion in this thread.

IRC: #/tech/, #InfinityNow and #endchan on irc.rizon.net - https://qchat.rizon.net/
Secure Computing Practices Links: http://hjvx7xg3n4ejezmh.onion/
Wiki (OLD): https://wiki.installgentoo.com/
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Anonymous 02/21/2018 (Wed) 17:56:51 [Preview] No.12416 del
You do understand license shitposters want to take over this board and making you remove stallman is just the beginning right?

betamax Board owner 02/21/2018 (Wed) 19:17:00 [Preview] No.12417 del
You do understand there's no license to shitpost in The End℠ right?

There is no true objective winner in the license wars, every public or private license has its own purpose. Having Stallman or Terry won't change how people will always be triggered. If anything, people like you want to take over this board.

Provide me a competent image and have someone else here to agree with you in its implementation and do it ASAP but don't make me wait too long. However, this is really truly a non issue, but the real issue is that I will only allow just one more sticky image change. Get it right this time or I'll remind you all it's your guys' fault and I'll make a new sticky without any OP image and make it an official rule to not bitch about the sticky thread image posthumorously when there's no sticky image to even complain about.

Again, grow up, and if you think Terryposting is spam, report it.

Anonymous 02/21/2018 (Wed) 21:58:39 [Preview] No.12418 del
brainlet detected
there's more than to the debate than "hurr share your code without making other people share durr"
nobody is saying this

Anonymous 03/03/2018 (Sat) 08:56:39 [Preview] No.12438 del
(27.75 KB 328x225 start.gif)

just thought this was interesting.

betamax Board owner 03/03/2018 (Sat) 20:22:26 [Preview] No.12439 del
Please "blog" in your own thread.

Anonymous 04/13/2018 (Fri) 20:54:02 [Preview] No. 12617 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I know this is old, but have you heard of project ORCHESTRA? This video talks about the NSA creating FOSS vulnerabilities and mitigating encryption on the internet. I think everyone should see this.


Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 03:58:57 [Preview] No.12618 del
Haven't head about this, but Bruce Schenider has already said that IPsec was manipulated to be weak. Also, @ioerror said on CCC that SSL and SSH has been broken by NSA already.
Even if they don't, on the best of hypothesis, the processors are already fucked (x86 and ARM, in particular). Nowhere to hide. I ask myself what computing tech will USA military guys use on war with Russia...

Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 04:36:43 [Preview] No.12619 del
OP here. Posted this on 8tech too. Someone posted this link.
Still, the points are valid.
Nowhere to hide indeed.

Anonymous 04/21/2018 (Sat) 04:01:32 [Preview] No.12659 del
>Haven't head about this, but Bruce Schenider has already said that IPsec was manipulated to be weak.
Why would you care about what some random guy who's not even a cryptographer says about crypto?

>Also, @ioerror said on CCC that SSL and SSH has been broken by NSA already.
Ah, lovely, doing the twitter-at thing. His name is Jacob Appelbaum.

There have been practical attacks on SSL for some time. Old news. It hasn't been broken by the NSA, it has been broken by everybody. That's why we use TLS now.

No idea what you mean by "SSH". Are you referring to the SSH protocol or some specific implementation? If the former, which version? v1 is known to be broken. Again, old news. Again, that's why we use v2.

I very seriously doubt Appelbaum said what you say he said.

Anonymous 04/21/2018 (Sat) 04:37:52 [Preview] No.12660 del
Ok, I'll bait.
>some random guy who's not even a cryptographer
Bruce Schneier invented the Twofish and Threefish crypto. Inform yourself better.
>His name is Jacob Appelbaum
Yes, I just don't know how to properly write his name, so I just use ioerror.
>That's why we use TLS now
You know what I mean by "SSL". I'm obviously implying TLS on this.
>I very seriously doubt Appelbaum said what you say he said.
Here is the talk (I did not check again, I saw this live from CCC some years ago):

Now, stop this schizo behavior.

Anonymous 04/21/2018 (Sat) 06:13:25 [Preview] No.12661 del
Oh, I'm well aware of who Bruce Schneier is. I've even read--and understood--his book Applied Cryptography. But you didn't say that. You said Bruce Schenider.

You see, in life, as in crypto, details matter. "You know what I mean" isn't an acceptable alternative to attention to detail. Or correctness.

>You know what I mean by "SSL". I'm obviously implying TLS on this.
See above re: "you know what I mean." Also, which version of TLS? All versions? You may be unaware, but there's more than one. See above re: "attention to detail."

>Here is the talk (I did not check again, I saw this live from CCC some years ago):
Yeah, nah. I'm not going to do your legwork for you and track down a quote you've obviously misremembered from a video featuring a guy who, at the time, had no substantial credentials as a cryptographer.

>Inform yourself better.
Given everything you've said in your last two posts, there is nothing that is not deeply ironic about this command coming from you. So, right back atcha, amigo. Just remember that from where you're standing, you're a man.

From where I'm standing, you're an ape.

The demise of Ixquick Anonymous 04/19/2018 (Thu) 22:47:34 [Preview] No. 12655 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I would like to hear what the community has to say regarding search engines, with a twist.

A long time coming, today I found all my requests to Ixquick redirected to Startpage. Ixquick was my engine of choice. At this point I expect someone to cite the primary importance of privacy, my previous choice of Ixquick, and thus an obvious suggestion: Startpage. Thanks, but no thanks.

What is my problem with Startpage?

Here is my perspective. With adequate provisioning, any search engine is fine to use from a privacy standpoint. By provisioning I mean choice of browser, addons, connection method, etc. My primary concern is not privacy because I handle that myself, ignoring the S.E.'s reputation for such. My concern is with the quality of search results.

History lesson. In olden days the choice was between Yahoo or Google. Yahoo went early with the commercial model, carefully managing your complete experience end-to-end, steering you toward their valuable partners, web portalization, etc. Google beat all that with strict adherence to academic methodology, and computer science. Sadly, all was merely short term tactics over strategy. Yahoo had the right idea, the right strategy, but it was Google who became Yahoo's dream.

Anyway, today, I find a note of bias in Google S.E. results, with commercial, regulatory, and ideological considerations given subtle (but noticeable) predominance. This is why I preferred Ixquick. While including results from Google, they cast a wide net and did not give any source special prominence. I found Ixquick returned more relevant results.

My understanding is Startpage goes straight to Google for everything. Given my perspective, you should understand why I find Startpage to be nothing more than Google re-branded. Such is my problem with Startpage.

Searx I know of. MetaGer is currently my favorite contender. What else is worth consideration?

Anonymous 04/20/2018 (Fri) 00:28:55 [Preview] No.12657 del
(585.44 KB 500x500 1522104561963.gif)
I'm surprised to see them do it.
I have no idea why, but they've made a number of retarded moves with no explanation in the past:
>removing the option to get 100 results per page
>removing scroll image search
>removing search query from tab title
If it's a cost cutting measure, it'd have to be because more and more people are
learning it exists and using it, but they don't make enough money
(from selling email accounts) to keep up with the demand.
Maybe people didn't use Ixquick enough.
Maybe they think Searx is superior.
I don't know.

You are right that Google's results are trash (articles from news websites typically get top priority second only to Wikipedia)
but everything else is even worse in my experience

Searx is what you want if you like having control over what results you get,

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 04/20/2018 (Fri) 08:26:48 [Preview] No.12658 del
I use yandex.ru for images and searxes.danwin1210.me for general search which searxes is a searx web proxy that randomly picks a searx instance.

Random Thoughts Anonymous 03/05/2018 (Mon) 01:21:31 [Preview] No. 12441 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
It's a shame how inactive this board is. It seems only to be that way because there's about three other chans consolidating the userbase. In the interest of promoting activity, I'll try to make this thread a thread about technology related musings I have (not that I'm important or anything) that could hopefully be used as starting points for discussion.
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Optical Computing vs Quantum Computing Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 02:34:21 [Preview] No.12648 del
LIGHT: How optical processing can solve some of the world’s most complex problems.
>Beausoleil spent about a decade working on quantum computing. That’s when he experimented with chips made out of diamonds. His team found that it was too difficult to create enough diamond chips that had exactly the same qualities, making it impossible to manufacture them in a repeatable and predictable way. This particular approach to building a quantum computer wouldn’t scale.
>Beausoleil concluded that photonic technology offered a faster and more practical route to success than building an actual quantum computer. “When somebody does manage to create a true quantum system with entanglement, that’s going to be awesome,” Beausoleil says. “Right now, we’re leaving that one on the table and just trying to take advantage of coherence.”
>Optical computing is an emerging field with experimental components. The challenge is to raise the yield of working components to a commercially viable level. The Labs approach is to create a round of equipment, test it to identify flaws, then determine necessary changes in the chip design or manufacturing method.
>Labs researchers are also exploring new applications for their optical circuits. For example, they’ve designed a system called an energy minimization computer that changes the state of an optical circuit to find the configuration that consumes the least amount of energy. This concept applies perfectly to solving NP-hard problems like the traveling salesman.
>This technology won’t replace general-purpose electronic computers, because lots of problems aren’t NP-hard problems. But a photonic system-on-a-chip could be used as an accelerator running alongside a CPU in a conventional computer. Emerging computing platforms like The Machine, a next-generation system under development at Hewlett Packard Labs, offer even more intriguing possibilities. The Machine will hold huge amounts of data in memory and allow users to plug in different processors as needed, depending on the type of computation they want to perform.
>This technology won’t replace general-purpose electronic computers...
I still haven't learned why this would be the case.

Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 02:37:45 [Preview] No.12650 del

Anonymous 04/18/2018 (Wed) 21:16:08 [Preview] No.12653 del
That sounds really cool. I've always liked the idea of having a completely modular computer, more so than what we currently have; the ability to have multiple processors for different tasks in a standard level computer would be incredible. It will never happen, because most users don't care for solving NP-Hard problems, though.

I spoke with a guy who had a PhD in photonics about 6 months ago. Although that conversation was mainly about carbon fibre, the bandwidth increases alone seem like they would be able to replace normal computers easily. Imagine being able to compute on a terabyte of data in seconds. We're hitting the limits of silicon, and quantum computers require massive amounts of energy to keep the conditions correct. Photonics looks like the only way forward.

Anonymous 04/18/2018 (Wed) 21:34:52 [Preview] No.12654 del
To add to my first paragraph (which is worded like shit), my main ideas would be having a modular CPU. So, the APU, cache etc. and the controller for all of the chips would be separate, rather on one die. There would be a much higher latency, especially for the cache, but that could potentially be negated by using a high-bandwidth connection and by using large packets. But it would be much easier to upgrade in response to exploits. Meltdown/Spectre? Just buy a new cache module that mitigates the exploit. Intel ME spying on you? Buy an open source controller that you know can't be hacked remotely.
It would make cooling a bit of a nightmare, though.

While I'm at it, why can't we have open source CPU designs at all, like we do with 40xx and 74xx chips, where different manufacturers make functionally identical products? If the basic chips are simpler (as described in my first paragraph), it wouldn't be too difficult to accomplish. The truly paranoid people could even produce their own modules that would work in a standard motherboard then.

Anonymous 04/20/2018 (Fri) 00:05:06 [Preview] No.12656 del
(523.20 KB 1920x1080 1520474434370.jpg)
>While I'm at it, why can't we have open source CPU designs at all, like we do with 40xx and 74xx chips, where different manufacturers make functionally identical products?
I believe this is the goal of RISC-V, a silicon project which is just getting rolling this year.
Qualcomm, Samsung, nVidia, Western Digital, have all invested in it, so it's possible that there'll be more competition for consumers in the area of CPUs; there's also Sifive and Lo-risc which I believe are companies more committed to actual open-sourcing.

Normal people however can't make their own CPU in their garage---it takes highly advanced equipment, controlled space, and enormous amounts of money.

>We're hitting the limits of silicon, and quantum computers require massive amounts of energy to keep the conditions correct.
>Photonics looks like the only way forward.
An argument I don't find too bad from quantum enthusiasts is that 60 years ago, electric computers took up entire rooms, and now they fit into the palms of hands.
Obviously there's limitations that restrict the potential mobility of quantum computers no matter what, but it's possible that a consumer could get a fridge-sized quantum computer in their own homes some decades from now.

But that is far off. If you want better personal computing now, I see nothing more promising than optical computers.

>the ability to have multiple processors for different tasks in a standard level computer would be incredible. It will never happen, because most users don't care for solving NP-Hard problems, though.
It won't be available for "most consumers" in the first place. Windows is over and Macintosh will never get off silicon. These computers are going to run OS that won't be geared toward non-professionals; and so they won't be the target market initially.

Anonymous 07/13/2017 (Thu) 16:36:41 [Preview] No. 10371 del

Anonymous 09/03/2017 (Sun) 18:59:34 [Preview] No. 11017 del
Fuck off with your advertising and samefagging, cocksucker.

Anonymous 03/27/2018 (Tue) 04:42:03 [Preview] No.12533 del
(399.34 KB 982x766 hp.png)

Anonymous 04/01/2018 (Sun) 23:02:08 [Preview] No.12536 del
Not trying to be a dick, since I appreciate the effort a lot.
But I feel like op's threads is 80% full of skiddo shit.

Anonymous 04/16/2018 (Mon) 16:51:24 [Preview] No.12652 del
You're absolutely right.
This thread is the classic template garbage from /g/ and spammed in a plethora of different boards.
You can find it here:

(61.07 KB 520x390 vader_chillin_1024.jpg)
The Ruination of Technology Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 02:32:10 [Preview] No. 12630 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Howdy friends, it is time for a thread by me, your favorite endchan poster. Hmm, basically this thread will be all about technology. And perhaps I will share some amusing anecdotes and or opinions in the subject, from my lifetime in the destruction of American tech sector. I call it "the destruction of tech" because that is what they did. Weaponizing it, and infiltrating a bunch of rupee caste to take over the tech positions. Now we see India going full on beast money to control their people. We in America allowed this horror to happen.

Essentially, this bespeaks how corporatized (non citizen controlled) tech is actually a device for intl level fuckwads, to ruin the USA power base through their infiltration of their dirtbag "engineer" types who are famous for being total fuckups and makers of shitty code. basically 25 years of kike enabled war on technology, with bitches like Jobs Zuckerberger and Billgatus who bought DOS from the guy across the street. Like also how Disney himself couldn't draw for shit, but he knew how to buy artists and market his stuff (and how to blackmail and make underworld mulholland drive style connections to the deepest of states see also Hugh Hefner grotto full of kompromat).

Here in paragraph three I will make the point that essentially conspiracy is the water the boat of the world floats upon. Our time is when people alternately struggle and ask questions about what rich fuckers might actually get up to, and is "Hostel" descriptive of a certain class of people who delight in murdering and eating others? Eli Roth, hmm, is he part of some Hollywood eviltech to make us all see and believe bullshit horror as fantasy rather than accepting bullshit horror as truth of our lives? If only we knew how little they value us as souls and how much they value themselves as the soulless?

Okay so here in paragraph four I will say that the ability to project sound upon one person and thereby make them hear a voice spoken to them, reminds me of when Valdemort 'speaks' to all the kids in their heads. I wonder that it wouldn't be difficult to hmm in some stadium let us say, project into people's heads, on a seat by seat basis. Imagine if you will, a stadium full of people being delightfully spoken to in their heads/ears by what may as well be a spirit or a ghost, encouraging them to visit concession stands. Would you call that technology? Imagine a lady saying "did you hear that too?" and you didn't hear that which she is referring to. Will you wonder what words were sent to her head and not to yours? In the past 25 years of technology, what has humanity gained and what have we lost?

Finally here we speak to the death of the IP network. I would say again, it's due to us allowing third world shitbags to ruin it. We should have kept it to ourselves, but again, the intl kike scheme is designed to Zucerberger everyone as if we were all cattle. Push the IP into the lousiest places and tech-nable the biggest assholes of the world. Just imagine if we had kept fidon et and the earliest nets private and only allowed higher level citizens to use them. In this way the intl shitbags would have been kept down in their mudpits, and never been given the gifts which we white folks invented. Not being racist, just saying that white people make awesome shit and others can't give us credit for that. Everything we make, they ruin. So in this way again, I ask, if "Hitler Guy" of the future, re invents the IP schema, but keeps it as a national thing, with zero connections to the outside world, would you consider that to be an advancement of tech or a disadvancement of tech? Well anyway thanks for listening and ask any questions you wish. Here we mourn or celebrate the full spectrum war happening to us all.
1 post and 1 image omitted.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 03:16:11 [Preview] No.12632 del
[cont] Europeans might have had a more subtle understanding of gold than did good honorable soldier and officer class as Sherman did. But was he a rube? An unsophisticated dummy? No because he knew iron and steel and alloys and metals. But gold was not an implement of war at that time. In California it wasn't legal tender or money. One then wonders, can some class of people, coin living blood, into gold itself? The blood inside you, animating and making you what you are, is it worth something precious to you? And if so, will we eventually be using blood as money as the last line of "the safety of markets"? Maybe you can see an horrific place in that line of questioning?

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 05:14:00 [Preview] No.12633 del
So very much concentrated hatred and tension, the sign of one at war with themselves internally, sorrow instilled within them by their own perception of the world and an existence revolving around it. I agree that many events have occurred throughout history as a result of the malicious intentions of those who care not for others, but the very fact you are capable of broadcasting this message to us, the very fact that at the press of a button you can access seemingly endless troves of information that our ancestors would have killed to obtain, is this not evidence of the greatness that is the internet, a medium which contains the information gathered over centuries to be accessed by anyone anywhere in the planet?
Humans are quite foolish creatures, greedy for naturally occurring metals and dominion over others, but never desiring to be dominated themselves. The society which many yearn for is a society which firstly fulfills the basic needs for human life, and only then can one explore themselves and the world to grow themselves and learn.
This is all I shall write for now, I could write a book on such thoughts, but it does not suit me at the moment.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 17:42:47 [Preview] No.12645 del
"This is all I shall write
for now,
I could write a book
on such thoughts,
but it does not suit me
at the moment."

Well said. I parsed it out like meaningful prose. But is the age of books going to last? Amazon has a great used book business going tho, I buy used books there all the time. However, some of my friends do use kindle device. I could write a book on having lady who uses kindle device but there is no need for such a book. Fact is: People had been preconditioned to expect a "Star Trek" world, i.e. tablets we swipe and so forth. AND YET Star Trek itself presumes total nuke war and destruction, for us, by 2100 AD I think. And if you take note of TNG they view people from our time as basically diseased crap. Yes I know it is just a TV show but it is also powerful somnambulist program that makes generations, expect certain things.

If they showed the kindle device, in ST as what it is: just some book reading gadget, enabling someone like Bezos (and his chums), we wouldn't like it. We wanted the Trek thing from 1968 to become a great thing. But the kindle is not well suited for battle, I would only deploy it to rear echelon units.

/thread Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 17:45:19 [Preview] No.12646 del

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 18:18:16 [Preview] No.12647 del
This is an issue that was explored extensively in the anime sci-fi classic, Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho.

(681.20 KB 2400x1600 ARM-A72-Meltdown.jpg)
ARM ChromeOS Meltdown Anonymous 03/25/2018 (Sun) 17:35:05 [Preview] No. 12529 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Meltdown only affects Inte-

Dumping this info here since /g/ is full of bait threads and shit.

This is what meltdown looks like in a Samsung Chromebook Plus. If you want to give it a try yourself, start by installing Arch on a USB stick


And then,

$git clone https://github.com/lgeek/spec_poc_arm.git
$cd spec_poc_arm
$taskset 0x30 ./dump_sys_regs

To pin the task to the vulnerable A72 cores use 0x30, use 0x0F to compare with the not vulnerable A53 cores.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Anonymous 03/25/2018 (Sun) 17:38:46 [Preview] No.12530 del

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 16:51:53 [Preview] No.12643 del
Running mainline kernel is now much easier.


Mainline Kernel
The installation above will use the ChromeOS 4.4 kernel. The mainline kernel can be used instead, though some hardware may not be working yet.

Install linux-aarch64 packages, replacing the linux-gru package:
pacman -S linux-aarch64 linux-aarch64-chromebook
Type y and hit enter when prompted to flash the kernel to the kernel partition.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 16:54:13 [Preview] No.12644 del
The spectre/meltdown test still shows A72 cores are vulnerable under mainline kernel. Flashing firmware will require opening the device and removing the write protect screw on the bios.

(139.33 KB 2184x1344 d33.png)
Laptop Buyer Thread Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 21:35:48 [Preview] No. 12623 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hey /tech/,
I'm looking to buy a laptop for general use. I know this board isn't really one for requesting shit but I know that if I post this anywhere else I'm just going to get meme responses. With that out of the way, can anyone rec me a laptop that
>isnt a meme like thinkpad
>isnt centered around gayming
>isnt made by apple
>isnt going to cost me an arm and a leg
That's really it. I'm probably just going to use to post here or on other imageboards and maybe watch some chinese cartoons. I am not going to use it for gaming. Any reccomendations?
apologies if this is kind of a low effort thread, but I can't really post this anywhere else and get any serious replies
5 posts omitted.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 05:56:16 [Preview] No.12634 del
Both. At least on the models I have disassembled (two x60 and one x40) the motherboard is too flexible/thin and the components and cheap. The thinkpad's case and keyboard are good, though, and it just works very stable. I understand why people on imageboards like thinkpads, although I think it's overrated.
As a opinion, I wouldn't buy Intel hardware in these days. If OP just wants to browse, play videos, do some text/image editting, then ARM hardware is better right now and uses mush less battery.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 07:33:10 [Preview] No.12637 del
Cheap components? If they were so poor in quality, then why they don't shit themselves over a bit of water, unlike most laptops.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 13:42:58 [Preview] No.12640 del
<then why they don't shit
>The thinkpad's case and keyboard are good, though
English is not even my mother language. If it's yours then, please, use it.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 14:42:48 [Preview] No.12641 del
(59.06 KB 399x397 smort.jpg)
>isnt going to cost me an arm and a leg

Is X96 Mini and peripherals on a spice rack still purpose-efficient? Basically it's a problem how to power them portably, it should run just fine. If you buy two you can dedicate one to run video and look at the secondary one through screenshare.


Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 15:43:28 [Preview] No.12642 del
waddya need a komputah for anyway???

Cyberwar starts Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 23:30:59 [Preview] No. 12628 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>Britain would consider launching a cyber attack against Russia in retaliation if Russia targeted British national infrastructure
>Cyber security has become a focal point of the strained relations. On Thursday, a British spy chief said that his GCHQ agency would "continue to expose Russia's unacceptable cyber behaviour", adding there would be increasing demand for its cyber expertise.


Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 06:38:51 [Preview] No.12636 del
This would mean little to nothing if only Putin would arrange a faster transition away from Windows, Intel, Apple, and the like for its infrastructure. As it stands, he does not seem to take technology seriously enough; but this is a perpetual Russian leadership problem.

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 13:40:44 [Preview] No.12639 del
A complete transition from x86 would take years to be done. Also, if some bunch of people from internet get to reverse engineer intel's microcode, don't you think military security agency wouldn't have this capability? They do. They probably don't run on x86 anyway, not the stuff that needs to be secure, anyway.

(115.40 KB 1600x900 douglas_rushkoff.jpg)
List of Security and Privacy Best Practices Anonymous 08/16/2017 (Wed) 08:52:20 [Preview] No. 10740 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Following the other thread, here's the first version of the list:
- Tor hidden service: http://hjvx7xg3n4ejezmh.onion/
- 'Clearnet' Mirror (no styles): https://hjvx7xg3n4ejezmh.onion.cab/

If you want to contribute, post here on this thread.
Thanks to "Endwall" to host it.
61 posts and 15 images omitted.

Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 09:07:25 [Preview] No.12620 del
>firejail is mostly for firefox
u wut m8

Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 09:59:43 [Preview] No.12621 del
(34.50 KB 400x326 1521060413987.jpg)
Yeah, I remember Firejail being non-application specific. I'm pretty sure it's a play on words for Firewall and Jail.

>incapable of secure virtualization
Not true.

>firefox itself is not secure
that is true insofar as you use no security enhancing extensions or patches, and it's irrelevant if you put it in a jail.

Anonymous 04/14/2018 (Sat) 19:17:21 [Preview] No.12622 del
Theres some other infos here that may be useful for this list:

>Not true

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 06:34:45 [Preview] No.12635 del

Anonymous 04/15/2018 (Sun) 13:37:30 [Preview] No.12638 del
Verifiable separation.