Spartan 08/13/2017 (Sun) 03:10:27 No. 78345 del
Yeah its straight up retardtown. /pol/ has gone full retard as of late and you never go full retard.
Also their mods are god damned awful.
I genuinely enjoy the Shadilay song. I even think the meme can be funny if its just a subtle playing for the triggering/disruption of liberals aka communists.I find it funny how they turned an innocent song into a neo-nazi meme however that Kek shit is pure cancer.

What has happened to /pol/ though, I am not quite sure. Stagnation, outsiders, paranoia, Trump, self degeneration, its all really come full circle. /pol/ just aint what it used to be. I think they went away from a key part of what "red-pilling" was all about, it centered around self improvement and will to power sort of stuff then meme magic hit and they decided that being an autistic sperglord and typing up "rare pepes" was going to actually fix the world. And there are those who actually believe this shit to be real this is like crazed homeless guy at a buss stop type of thinking.