Spartan 04/17/2018 (Tue) 00:34:12 No.256163 del
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the way it works is for every ip to visit a site a few nonsense inputs are generated and stored in the database + hidden on the form generated to the user
when you send a post these input names/values on the form have to match what is in the database for that ip or its rejected as spam

so if you want to spam it basically you have to open the webpage and parse the inputs/values (which itself is somewhat hard to accomplish) and then send a post request with your spam + those values
it gets really hard when you want to use proxies
normally when you spam with proxies you don't care about the return results but in this case you have to keep track what was returned by each proxy
most free proxies are very slow and are likely to timeout rather than return the results (even if they were successful)

/int*/ spent many hours trying to get around this on 76chan but were never able to
as far as i know i was the only one with a real bot on 76chan everything else was manual