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This is not a baseless accusation.

This is a very serious situation, the DNI being a nest of insanely suicidal satanists who recently tried to nuke Chicago, New york, Boston, and Washington DC in another false flag attempt involving US Navy Trident Ballastic Nuclear submarines, and the "Iron 99" nuclear doomsday plane fron Travis AFB.

This False Flag attempt was ordered by none other than George Soros and treasonous elite meetingf at the Mandarin Hotel, which was created to retake control of America after Trump won the election.

That Doomsday Plane was in the air circling Denver 2 weeks ago in order to order the nuclear counter launch against Russia. The head of the Russian SVR (KGB) Sergey Naryshkin notified the NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers, who immediately ordered tnhe Doomsday Plane to return to Travis AFB.

Remember how the ODNI chief James Clapper resigned shortly thereafter, but the press didn't tell the real reaspon for his resignation. Then Obama severely criticized Admiral Rogers for stopping this Nuclear War, and began tsking steps to fire him.

"Obama - what a doofus. Your life is saved and you retaliate. You should be put in a Nut House." -William Mount

The treasonous Office of National Intelligence should be shut down because they have been involved in creating several false flags like 911.

The ONI murders at every opportunity to support the satanic Fascist Agenda at every opportunity, and have participated in many activities that would have literally destroyed Planet Earth.

Remember that these officials and their underlings are insanely suicidal Satanists.