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MARCH MADNESS ANIME BRACKET SELECTION Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:15:51 [Preview] No. 238874 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

https://youtube.com/watch?v=GPK3FcPEt_w [Embed]

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:18:37 [Preview] No.238879 del
fuck off
gettin sick of /monster/ overstaying its welcome here

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:20:10 [Preview] No.238883 del
(2.86 MB 480x270 bonds-laffin.gif)

Spartan 03/20/2018 (Tue) 00:10:44 [Preview] No.238903 del
(81.78 KB 460x460 laffin grils.jpg)

Death of Image Boards, Pastebins, Online Forums Cometh! Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 22:28:14 [Preview] No. 238824 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The US House of Representatives has just passed a bill called FOSTA (the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act”). This bill is headed to the senate. It needs to be stopped.

An amendment slipped into the bill also proposes to override section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Without overstating the case in any way, CDA 230 is the reason small companies like ours can exist. It protects us from liability for the actions and content of our customers. That means if you don’t like what one of our customers has to say, you can’t sue us about it. The First Amendment is great, and we love it, but in everyday practice, CDA 230 is what keeps rich people and companies from filing nuisance lawsuits to force us to either censor our customers at their behest or drown in legal fees. They know that, and they hate it.

This effects ALL image boards and pretty much any other small alternatives that still exist.

This is not anything like the "net neutrality" scare... this bill simply repeals legal protections that websites like this one enjoys as it gets abused. Which means the feds could one day soon shut this whole site down for any illegal content posted by any user - even if its not the fault of the website, but a simple spammer. That would include one CP post and this website could be taken offline completely due to the repeal of CDA 230 protections!

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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:25:16 [Preview] No.238884 del
join me fwend

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:41:51 [Preview] No.238892 del
He mistook the /news/ poster for another guy.

Communism is gay, all our luxuries we enjoy (and most people highly take for granted) today tend to be the fruits from hard working industrialized countries. Don't confuse capitalism for corruption, because there is plenty of corruption. But thats also the fault of compromised governments that no longer crack down upon corrupt actors due to bribery, blackmail and other foul play.

The reason I'm prepping is because our society has been subverted and corrupted from within in the first place, not because "muh ebil industry, muh ebil middle class patriarchy white privileges, global warming gonna destroy our planet!" That shit is nonsense.

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:50:40 [Preview] No.238899 del
With some of its faults, take into consideration what capitalism has offered to us: hot running water, electricity, fast transportation, grocery stores with plenty of food, proper sanitation, roofs over our heads, TV, toys for our children, electric tools, mass distributed media, the printing press, the internet, refrigeration, alternative energies, gadgets, all of that kind of stuff. What have major communist or even socialist countries provided? A bartering system? Well that's OK if you don't mind being stuck in a third world system and don't mind having to ration everything.

Spartan 03/20/2018 (Tue) 00:04:21 [Preview] No.238902 del
What the hell does Communism have to do with anything ?
When you are living off the land and farming to survive political faggotry really doesn't matter any more.

Kaczynski just thought that a primitive lifestyle is better and is more suited for long term happiness and sustainability for a society. In fact he either predicted a collapse or a dystopian hell state where there is essentially no freedom what so ever.

Yeah capitalism has also offered us an unending stream of third world shitters, set to replace the native population in less than 30 years.
Yay Capitalism !

March 19th White Chocolate Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:38:08 [Preview] No. 238812 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Columbus at Boston
7:00 PM ET
CLB 39-28-5 (15-17-3 V)
BOS 45-17-8 (25-7-4 H)
Prob. Goalies: Korpisalo (CLB) | Rask (BOS)
Nashville at Buffalo
7:00 PM ET
NAS 47-14-10 (22-7-6 V)
BUF 23-36-12 (11-20-5 H)
Prob. Goalies: Rinne (NAS) | Ullmark (BUF)
Florida at Montreal
7:30 PM ET
FLA 35-27-7 (13-16-4 V)
MON 26-34-12 (17-11-8 H)
Prob. Goalies: Luongo (FLA) | Niemi (MON)
Los Angeles at Minnesota

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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:44:38 [Preview] No.238894 del
ttp. embiid just did a perfect jump stop and the refs called a travel I am rabid

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:46:49 [Preview] No.238895 del
>Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP; Urdu: تحریک طالبان پاکستان‬‎; "Taliban Movement of Pakistan"), alternatively referred to as the Taliban, is a terrorist group which is an umbrella organization of various militant groups
ruh roh

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:48:09 [Preview] No.238896 del
no nba ref is safe from me

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:48:17 [Preview] No.238897 del

go nets

philly doing good right now

Spartan 03/20/2018 (Tue) 00:01:23 [Preview] No.238900 del
what is this nerd thread being posted in I ain't readin that shit

(143.70 KB 1200x806 evgenia-warmups.jpg)
(253.94 KB 900x1200 evgenia-fans-tightass.jpg)
(752.96 KB 360x640 evgenia-konichiwa.mp4)
(51.61 MB 1920x1080 evgenia-chocolates.mp4)
Evgenia Medvedeva Thread #2 - Fukk a bumplock Spartan 03/06/2018 (Tue) 07:33:12 [Preview] No. 231783 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Be nice to Janny or get kicked in the dick.

rolling over from previous thread >>220134

https://youtube.com/watch?v=BY96_icyoM4 [Embed]
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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 08:58:01 [Preview] No.238693 del
It's a good look tbh

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:06:51 [Preview] No.238862 del
(2.43 MB 640x360 evgenia-autist-qt.mp4)
another vid of my autistic wife, we're eloping soon

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:13:21 [Preview] No.238867 del
>tfw have god tier chest genetics
>tfw pushups will give me a bigger chest than someone who strength trains
bow down to me chestlets

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:13:54 [Preview] No.238869 del
thats a vid of my gf tho, we're going on a vacation together soon

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:16:35 [Preview] No.238875 del
get your eyes checked nigger that's evgenia MY FIANCE now leave the thread

(59.25 KB 247x329 Unabomber-sketch.png)
Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 08:00:00 [Preview] No. 238674 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Austin got BTFO again
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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 20:49:09 [Preview] No.238798 del
At least they don't have to worry about niggers stealing packages anymore.

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 20:57:44 [Preview] No.238801 del
anon pls
you know damn well niggers wont learn anything from this

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:28:17 [Preview] No.238808 del
hi mister ratcoon thx for da package

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:34:39 [Preview] No.238811 del
It's a Switch and a pre-order coupon for SSB, open it up...

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 23:02:19 [Preview] No.238856 del
i have that same kind of reaction every day on /sp/ tbh

(61.28 KB 864x796 Day 2.jpg)
(1.75 MB 2000x3000 nip qt.jpg)
2018 paralympic thred Spartan 03/12/2018 (Mon) 02:29:11 [Preview] No. 234211 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
also, broken qts
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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 20:58:19 [Preview] No.238802 del
why is /sp/ better at discussing politics than a """poliitcs""" board?

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:09:09 [Preview] No.238805 del
no authoritarian hot pockets. /sp/ has that /sports bar/ atmosphere you can talk about whatever here. kinda proud that this boards lived on and has its own culture while so many 4chan spinoffs are just slower versions of 4chan boards.

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:19:04 [Preview] No.238807 del
(128.75 KB 1080x1080 anime.jpg)
where is the anime thread?

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:58:53 [Preview] No.238817 del
every thread is an anime thread

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 22:41:07 [Preview] No.238833 del
(2.27 MB 852x480 epic graphics.webm)
im so glad anime is now accepted on /sp/
just look how great it is

(598.35 KB 1080x1080 1521494866269.jpg)
Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:28:34 [Preview] No. 238809 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
April 6th.



Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:50:44 [Preview] No.238814 del
time to make an onion bunker honestly

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:52:19 [Preview] No.238815 del

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 22:05:33 [Preview] No.238821 del
what did I miss?
what's on the sixth?
why is xhe smiling at me like that?

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 22:39:11 [Preview] No.238831 del
lil xan dropping his album. FINNA COP DAT SHYTTTTT

(228.32 KB 1024x1006 vary gud genrl budys.jpg)
GET WATCH Spartan 01/19/2018 (Fri) 06:41:34 [Preview] No. 195788 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
very imperters mesanger budys
yu lik get? i lik get
getrs be lik raepings on nudeli stretrs with meny shetings
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GET ALERT 03/19/2018 (Mon) 01:35:06 [Preview] No.238471 del
WARNING: http://boards.plus4chan.net/cod/ 444444 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!
WARNING: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/ 444444 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 03/19/2018 (Mon) 02:35:05 [Preview] No.238525 del
WARNING: https://ernstchan.com/int/ 55555 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 03/19/2018 (Mon) 08:55:05 [Preview] No.238691 del
WARNING: https://8ch.net/leftpol/ 40000 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

GET ALERT 03/19/2018 (Mon) 21:05:05 [Preview] No.238804 del
WARNING: http://boards.plus4chan.net/co/ 444444 GET Expected Within The Next Hour!

Spartan 03/20/2018 (Tue) 00:03:36 [Preview] No.238901 del
Ordered By Hours Left:
http://boards.plus4chan.net/cod/ 444444 | 27401 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 404001 PPD | 3 Hours
http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/ 444444 | 27402 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 190948 PPD | 6 Hours
https://doushio.com/moe/ 444444 | 696 Posts Left | 161 PPH | 1274 PPD | 6 Hours
http://boards.plus4chan.net/co/ 444444 | 27397 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 168714 PPD | 7 Hours
https://boards.4chan.org/r9k/ 44000000 | 10747 Posts Left | 1400 PPH | 25084 PPD | 8 Hours
https://8ch.net/vg/ 30000 | 593 Posts Left | 59 PPH | 786 PPD | 12 Hours
https://8ch.net/kc/ 30000 | 907 Posts Left | 41 PPH | 783 PPD | 24 Hours
https://ernstchan.com/int/ 60000 | 2909 Posts Left | 109 PPH | 1745 PPD | 40 Hours
https://8ch.net/liberty/ 80000 | 153 Posts Left | 1 PPH | 73 PPD | 50 Hours
https://8ch.net/ausneets/ 44444 | 1822 Posts Left | 5 PPH | 700 PPD | 62 Hours

Ordered By Posts Left:
https://8ch.net/rec/ 10000 | 53 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 2 PPD | 636 Hours | https://getwatcher.net/pages/detailed/index.html?board=rec?get=10000?chan=8chan
https://8ch.net/storytime/ 10000 | 62 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 4 PPD | 372 Hours | https://getwatcher.net/pages/detailed/index.html?board=storytime?get=10000?chan=8chan
http://lupchan.org/ajp/ 10000 | 69 Posts Left | 0 PPH | 1 PPD | 999 Hours
http://anon-ib.co/ex/ 11111 | 76 Posts Left | 2 PPH | 11 PPD | 165 Hours

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(56.94 KB 795x450 PLAYOFFS.jpg)
KHL PLAYOFFS Spartan 03/05/2018 (Mon) 17:56:23 [Preview] No. 231423 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
i thought it started in april because the olympic break ;_;
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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:50:43 [Preview] No.238787 del
wew, how did Hillary manage to get into this

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:52:06 [Preview] No.238788 del
identify yourself

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:55:11 [Preview] No.238789 del
making any posting mistakes is punishable under sharia

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:55:31 [Preview] No.238790 del
>bullying middle aged irish moms on youtube
i have achieved the pinnacle of my life success

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 20:15:54 [Preview] No.238792 del

(147.59 KB 680x806 Monday.jpg)
(138.01 KB 633x751 Tuesday.jpg)
(146.12 KB 700x813 Wednesday.jpg)
(177.64 KB 683x985 Thursday.jpg)
OFFICIAL SPRING TRAINING AUTISM 3/19-3/22 Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 17:09:36 [Preview] No. 238736 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
where everything's made up and the points don't matter
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Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 18:51:47 [Preview] No.238771 del
(149.97 KB 750x931 1521405536892.jpg)

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:01:33 [Preview] No.238773 del
that's a baaaaaaaaaaaad burd

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:08:22 [Preview] No.238776 del
>this body could have belonged to someone wholesome instead
i hate current year tbh

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:21:06 [Preview] No.238781 del
This pool swan thing is making me rabid

Spartan 03/19/2018 (Mon) 19:39:46 [Preview] No.238783 del
(518.01 KB 2048x1539 vsco5a54a8821ae13.jpg)
(346.00 KB 1152x2048 vsco59b362aa8cb75.jpg)
no she couldn't have. she got that body because of that face. look at how eager her eyes look, how far she sticks her tongue out. some grils stick their tongue out and others make the face.