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(15.64 KB 218x231 hellimages.jpeg)
Wages Arcanine 08/30/2016 (Tue) 12:02:30 [Preview] No. 151
07:17 -!- Irssi: Join to #darkplaces was synced in 1 secs
07:19 < unixuser> Xonotic stand alone mod: https://lgdb.org/game/chaosesque-anthology
07:19 < unixuser> Has reached release 93. Over 100 weapons, city generation, buildable buildings (like RTS) and
furnishings, spell casting, medeval weaps, futuristic weaps, modern weaps, foliage system,
nukes, etc etc. Thoughts?
07:20 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
07:22 < Diablo-D3> dunno why'd you make a xonotic mod
07:29 -!- Lava_Croft [~LC@] has joined #darkplaces
07:37 < Space_Man> thanks mikee
07:38 < Diablo-D3> sigh is that mikee? =/
07:41 < unixuser> Diablo-D3: maybe because divverent coded the base features that were needed for the mod into
xonotic at the beginning of the mod?
07:41 < Diablo-D3> yeah but like, why not just make your own game?
07:41 < unixuser> the rest of the mod is a simple extention
07:42 < unixuser> I don't know, maybe because I was working on things for nexuiz/etc for 10 years...
07:42 < unixuser> (since 2006 atleast)
07:42 < unixuser> maybe I go with what I know...
07:43 < unixuser> maybe good things don't come in a flash
07:43 < unixuser> maybe the wheel doesn't need yet another implementation?
07:43 < unixuser> perhaps I don't need to do useless work just to claim "I did it all look at me" (Diablo Dee
07:44 < unixuser> It's standalone anyway: you can just DL the ISO and run it (from the disc if you hate speed)
07:47 < unixuser> over 100 weapons...
07:47 < unixuser> :) /smug/
07:48 < unixuser> city generation, RTS style buildable buildings, all with interiors, foliage, lots of other
07:48 < unixuser> It's nice having exactly what you want in a game, and all of it. The power of OpenSource
07:50 < unixuser> Matches with the buildables can go on for hours and hours as you try to build up your
civilization while degrading the other player(s). Also even if it's not a team game, the
admin can enable friends and you can make alliances etc.
07:50 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has joined #darkplaces
07:51 < unixuser> Think of an RTS where you can actually be in the buildings.
07:52 < unixuser> You can also build apartments inside the city generation buildings. Secretly plotting against
the strongest player with the strongest base with your own place in the nearest town to his
07:53 < unixuser> Not enough weapons?: There's a mutator to spawn them around. Same for spawnpoints etc. By
default if a map doesn't have spawnpoints the game will now make some, or if ones are not
usable, thus avoiding crash.
07:53 < unixuser> Lots of compatability code was added for Q1 maps also, so you can enjoy those.
07:53 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
07:58 < Lava_Croft> Who let this guy through the slipgate
07:59 < unixuser> Lava_Croft: what are your objections?
08:00 < unixuser> Jealous that I can spend 10 years continiously working on a project while you go earn your
08:00 < unixuser> That I do as I want, while you do as you must
08:01 < unixuser> Maybe when you retire at age 59 you'll have such freedom (but no drive any-longer), untill
your body falls apart within that decade.
08:01 < unixuser> Lava_Croft: tick tock, Lava_Croft , tick tock, the boss doesn't make money for himself you
08:02 < unixuser> https://lgdb.org/game/chaosesque-anthology
08:06 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has joined #darkplaces
08:09 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
08:24 < Lava_Croft> i can spend 10 years taking a shit and afterwards feel proud too
08:28 -!- fleeky_ [~fleeky@p4FC190C4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["Leaving"]
08:37 -!- PrimalLove [~PrimalLov@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:37 -!- PrimalLove [~PrimalLov@] has joined #darkplaces
08:39 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has joined #darkplaces
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08:45 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has joined #darkplaces
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09:13 -!- Tomaz [~tompsson@h-236-221.a199.priv.bahnhof.se] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:14 -!- Tomaz [~tompsson@h-236-221.a199.priv.bahnhof.se] has joined #darkplaces
09:14 -!- mode/#darkplaces [+o Tomaz] by Caleb
09:18 < unixuser> Lava_Croft: tick tock wagie, keep making money for your boss
09:19 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has joined #darkplaces
09:19 < unixuser> only 1 more day till freedom for 2 days
09:19 < unixuser> Lava_Croft: you're waiting till you're 59 to take that "10 year shit"
09:20 < unixuser> wagie gets to live, only when they're almost dead
09:22 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
09:22 < unixuser> look how low brow the wagecuck is "< Lava_Croft> i can spend 10 years taking a shit and
afterwards feel proud too" a real workin' mayne, making a paycheck for his woman n kids, got
no time for that hobby bullshit, it's all "shit" anyway, he could surely do better, and will,
when he retires at 59 and has 10 years to himself!

09:23 < unixuser> all those good years of his life, traded for maybe a decade of near decrepitness to himself.
09:23 < q66> "wagecuck" dat edge
09:23 < q66> have you considered going back to 4chan
09:24 < unixuser> what a great deal! awsome decision. and that's if there is no divorce and childsupport!
09:24 < unixuser> q66 do you make good money for your boss too?
09:24 < q66> i work on open source, for decent money, from home
09:25 < unixuser> wagies: while you were slaving away and have nothing to show for it, I've been just doing my
hobby: https://lgdb.org/game/chaosesque-anthology
09:25 < unixuser> q66: is it a videogame in freedom?
09:25 < q66> no
09:25 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has joined #darkplaces
09:25 < unixuser> a videogame engine, in freedom?
09:26 < q66> nothing videogame related
09:26 < q66> gamedev is a silly thing
09:26 < unixuser> q66: I don't know, unless it is audio composition software, or an image editor sounds like
you're wagecucking
09:26 < unixuser> 09:26 < q66> gamedev is a silly thing
09:26 < unixuser> only a wagecuck could believe that
09:27 < unixuser> well, in the negative sence: it is silly as in a fun frivolity
09:27 < unixuser> but all consumer computer tech is a frivolity
09:28 < unixuser> q66 gamedev while wagecucking is a sillything. Gamedev as a hobby is years of fun.
09:28 -!- Blub\w [~wry@] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
09:29 < q66> i already do that
09:29 < q66> but professional gamedev is shit
09:29 < unixuser> yes it is, only a fool would slave away in pro game dev
09:30 < unixuser> taking one's passion, and making it one's hell
09:30 < unixuser> might aswell kill themselves since they ruined the thing they used to love, and now have
nothing to live for
09:32 < unixuser> q66: take the standalone mod for a spin, tell Lava_Croft how right he is and how he was
correct to make money for a boss for a decade rather than following passion and fufilling his
own dreams: validate him!
09:33 < unixuser> Don't expect anything in return for the pat on his back tho: he's eternally too worn out
everyday for wagekeking to ever help you out!
09:34 < q66> have you considered killing yourself
09:34 < unixuser> no, why would I?
09:34 < unixuser> I'm not a wagecuck, so I just do as I wish and enjoy myself building what I want to build.
09:35 < unixuser> I don't understand the foundation of your question.
09:35 < unixuser> Not everyone wishes to enjoy the wages the wagie earns.
09:37 < unixuser> You work and work and work. And then you die. You have turned your back on the thoughts of
the God of Deuteronomy and support the opposite views. The wages of sin is death.

Arcanine 09/03/2016 (Sat) 21:01:52 [Preview] No. 154 del
Why do they rage?

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