Arcanine 04/02/2017 (Sun) 22:34:50 Id: 41f0e8 No. 233 del
So I am basically a broken person. One thing that has helped me is anonymously getting this out there. Lets say I want or not even want lets say a women lays down on my bed I will sit down and I will shake uncontrollably not like convulsing but shaking none the less. This is a constant thing for me because I want to satisfy my sexual urge but it is when You are in the moment that it appears in my mind. The glimpses appear in my mind. I was having sex missionary one time and I saw a glimpse of myself very young chained to a big table thing and I could clearly fear my life. If you where to hear the noise that came out of my mouth when I recalled that then you would be afraid. How do I know it was freemasons. Well the fact that they called themselves the illuminated prophets of the mystic realm or something like that. That is the P.O.M.R or one of the kike things I later saw as a young adult. Since I connected the dots I have truly uncovered the problem of the world and that is more important than fucking petty relationships with people who never will allow themselves to disrespect this cult mentally enough to believe this is happening.