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(7.73 MB 3627x2400 635.jpg)
Red pill general + webm's (information dump and discussion) Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 00:00:14 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No. 65384
This thread serves as a spiritual successor to h ttp://archive.is/DC19W

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 14:02:54 Id: 40128e [Preview] No.65385 del
Where did all muh boards go? Come to Islam. Hayah ala falah.

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 15:01:35 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65388 del
(109.92 KB 660x394 2346357.jpg)
(118.20 KB 957x207 34657.jpg)
(817.86 KB 944x840 007.jpg)
(2.41 MB 1560x1832 45746.png)
(617.42 KB 1176x1578 45687457.jpg)
>"all muh boards"
I think you mean threads, modern tool of the jew to genocide white families.

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 16:55:57 [Preview] No.65390 del
(83.38 KB 300x373 balfour.png)
Who wrote the Balfour Declaration and why: The WWI Connection

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 16:57:52 [Preview] No.65391 del
(119.84 KB 299x421 antisemitis.png)
International campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel as "antisemitism"

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 16:59:26 [Preview] No.65392 del
(45.37 KB 298x440 palestine.png)
Associated Press Double Standard in Israel-Palestine Reporting

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 17:07:08 [Preview] No.65393 del
(37.69 KB 297x217 nakba.png)
Ethnic Cleansing: How Palestine Became Israel

Anonymous 05/02/2018 (Wed) 18:25:23 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65395 del
Kiketube's shit automatic English translation on the right.

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 00:56:20 Id: 754cbf [Preview] No.65397 del
While I agree that the Arabic people should return to their pagan roots, I thought you claimed to have no issues with Muslims? Unless I'm not speaking to mod Adolf?

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 01:11:03 Id: f2318e [Preview] No.65398 del
If 9/11 was pulled off with subterranean nuclear weapons and shitty CGI synchronously plastered on the big 5 news networks, then it probably wasn't just for the patriot act, oil money, insurance money, or a bigger defense budget. It was meant to spearhead the hatred of Islam. It was done because Islam is Christianity minus the ritual cannibalization of the Messiah, a practice introduced by Satan via the Catholic Church in the 2nd Century A.D. It was done because Islam, literally the submission to God, with a capital "G", is the last religion given to mankind before the day of judgement. It was done because the Quran has always been memorized by at least 30 people since the Prophet, may God bless him, died. It was done because the Quran wasn't forged in councils by the Catholic church. The Quran was necessitated because the Bible diverged so far from what Jesus brought humanity.

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 01:20:04 Id: f2318e [Preview] No.65399 del
h ttps://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=rCMgwwDkFxE

h ttps://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=aH6Qu-UtV8M

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 03:19:53 Id: d03330 [Preview] No.65400 del
test youtube.com

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 03:20:23 Id: d03330 [Preview] No.65401 del
>It seems like the sky is never so clean and bright anymore

It's about (((their))) globalist agenda. They want to run a prison planet of border-less, race-less, culture-less, nation-less, identity-less subdued sheep. They make up less than 1% of the world's population, yet look at all they control from the world's finances to the media that brainwashes us.

In short, they use the entertainment and news media to encourage globalism and discourage nationalism and traditional western values. They distort and lie about the present and past in that effort.
The truth about immigration, by the numbers:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE [Embed]
Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide
The plan to eliminate the white race:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=bOgkGzMdieI [Embed]
Cultural Marxism in action - Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=q6c_dinY3fM [Embed]
Cultural Marxism & Social Justice explained:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=xnqIj8C2Aek [Embed]
Why are we in decline - Cultural Marxism:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=VggFao85vTs [Embed]
The Jewish role in the refugee crisis:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=IfCOO7Z39j0 [Embed]
Leftist subversion explained by former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=bX3EZCVj2XA [Embed]

also see:
The facts about slavery in North America:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=b5tci36bNjg [Embed]
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=PFHa4db3hA0 [Embed]
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=A94smJ9QJ5g [Embed]
Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=hvNNtBmA3SQ [Embed]
The Jewish role in the porn industry:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=gwd_Iofr6ZQ [Embed]
Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)
>h ttps://youtu.be/kPdxhLUKZYM?list=PLo0ThsDnveH5nv5TNviBrGTX9P6IrYfIe&t=412 [Embed]
The Holocaust:
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=tPc899uUb-A [Embed]
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=jgGP_evkvOk [Embed]
>h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae_WSV4n-u8 [Embed]

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 03:24:12 Id: d03330 [Preview] No.65402 del
>h ttps://w ww.youtube

Wew lad, just filter to hooktube.

>As director of propaganda for the Party, I took care not merely to prepare the ground for the size of the Movement in its subsequent stages, but I also adopted the most radical type of propaganda in order to make sure that none but the best would enter the organization. For the more radical and stirring my propaganda was, the more did it frighten away weak and wavering characters, thus preventing them from entering the first nucleus of our organisation.
>This was all to the good. If all those men, who in their hearts did not approve of the Revolution, had joined our Movement as members at that time, we could regard ourselves to-day as a pious confraternity and not as a young Movement inspired with the spirit of combat. The lively and combative form which I gave to all our propaganda at that time fortified and guaranteed the radical tendency of our Movement, and the result was that, with few exceptions, only men of radical views were disposed to become members.
-Page 659 of Mein Kampf, Stalag Edition.

>By being a Nazi, with the Swastika, I would also gather the only kind of people I wanted around me: the tough, dedicated idealists ready to fight for those ideals and give their lives, if necessary. And even more important, I would automatically scare off the millions of blabber-mouths, cowards, fools and crackpots which infest the rest of the ‘movement’. The Swastika would probably not bring me many supporters, but those who came would be men.
-George Lincoln Rockwell, This Time the World, Ch12

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 03:28:00 Id: d03330 [Preview] No.65403 del
Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation! –Warhammer 40k Imperium of Man

Any man calling himself a feminist is to be imprisoned and educated until he comes to his senses, and any woman calling herself a feminist that is attractive enough to be sexually desirable to a fine man is to be impregnated and given a chance to be a mother. If she continues to display feminist ideas after the birth of her child, she is to be disposed of and the child is to be raised by the military without introducing the concept of mercy, trained to be a killer so that one day he or she may serve the state and its people with no resentment.
— Emilyanus Carbasan-Onec, 12 March 1995

h ttps://w ww.jihadwatch.org/2017/07/dangerous-refugees-afghan-muslim-migrants-79-times-more-likely-to-rape

92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (in which the victim and the attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group. In other words, thousands of Swedish women would not have been raped and thereby traumatized for life had it not been for the influx from Islamic countries.

The top-10 list of rapists’ national backgrounds shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have an Iraqi background, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo.

When taking into account the number of people from the different nationalities in Sweden, Afghans are 79 times more likely to commit a sexual crime than men who are born of Swedish citizens.

Last year, Peter Springare, a Swedish police officer, broke the politically correct silence on the rape epidemic in liberal-feminist governed Sweden:

“Here is what I have been handling last week: rape, rape, severe rape, attack rape, extortion, extortion, violence, illegal threats, violence against the police, threats against the police, drug dealing, severe drug dealing, attempte

h ttp://w ww.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/bury-them-alive-white-south-africans-fear-for-their-future-as-horrific-farm-attacks-escalate/news-story/3a63389a1b0066b6b0b77522c06d6476

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 03:31:13 Id: d03330 [Preview] No.65404 del
*slips starbucks*
>The fact
*posts on tumblr *
>the fact is
*watchs steven universe*
>the fact is that
*adjusts cuckshed*
>the fact is the poorer someone is the more likely they are to be racist and ignorant.
*insists the holocaust happened*

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 03:35:31 Id: d03330 [Preview] No.65405 del
h ttps://pastebin.com/ab7uvkAC
h ttps://pastebin.com/Yq8kRgJ8
h ttps://pastebin.com/n1THscp0

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 04:11:29 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65406 del
I have made it clear in the past that the one issue I take with Muslims is their migration into white nations, with the result of overtaking their population, raping white women (Taharrush) and violent mobs calling for Sharia law. I don't hate Muslims. I want them out of white Europe.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 05/03/2018 (Thu) 04:12:12.

Anonymous 05/03/2018 (Thu) 05:14:43 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65408 del
(3.00 MB 1440x1080 Taharrush.webm)
(36.46 MB 1440x1080 rage.webm)
(29.21 KB 480x360 nope.jpg)
This should clear it up even more. White women, our women, do not have to cover their entire bodies. Anyone whom rapes them for not doing so should be shot like a dog. Europe should not transition to Islam. European white nations were not conquered through might. They were invaded with kiked government assistance. All of this is thanks to jews. What pisses me off is the migrants actually being willing pawns when they're alleged to be the kikes' enemies. If that is true, with so many of them now in Germany, why does Angela Merkel still draw breath?

And I deleted + reposted after editing and reconverting the second video. Apparently also past webms that were ever posted are broken. This means reposting the past webm's we had would be a wasted effort. Great.

Converting a folder full of webm's to mp4s, editing a millisecond off the end, then converting back to webm. Why the fuck would I want to do that?

Anonymous 05/09/2018 (Wed) 08:51:44 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65500 del

You must certainly be talking about arabs, because in Islam, rape in condemned by death penalty.

Anonymous 05/09/2018 (Wed) 10:30:19 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65501 del
Sunni Islam is the primary religion of Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous 05/09/2018 (Wed) 22:16:06 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65511 del
Considering Islam looking at Saudi Arabia is like considering christianism by looking at the current Vatican.

There is no real islamic country as there is no real christian country anymore.
It's 2018. We're close to the end.

Anonymous 05/09/2018 (Wed) 22:54:43 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65512 del
Saudi Arabs are not the only ones causing trouble in European nations. They also come over as Syrian rebel refugees and from Iraq due to the American ZOG empire's wars for Israel. There is no dismissive hand-waving which will excuse that behavior. You and I both know those that do not follow Islam are considered infidels.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 09:56:39 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65524 del
>Saudi Arabs are not the only ones causing trouble in European nations.
Saudi Arabia is a direct allie to Israel and to USA. MBS told to a famous american newpaper (I think it's the wall street journal) that the USA asked them to spread salafism and wahhabism, that enact terrorism.
Now, terrorist groups have been created and controled by Israel and USA. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are local allies that help in the management of these forces.
In any serious political news, that's not even a question. One of the biggest proof of that is how NOT ANY terrorist group have ever attacked israel. It should be the main focus. There is plenty of attack in europe, but none in Israel, the most monstruous state to ever exist, and the biggest thread to arab countries in the region. There are obviously so much proofs that even questionning show ignorance.

>They also come over as Syrian rebel refugees and from Iraq due to the American ZOG empire's wars for Israel.
War in middle east is a thing since 50 years. The current migrants phenomena is a provoked one. Actually, most of the refugees are in the near arabic countries. But the migration towards europe have been organised by the west itself (open society etc...). The big western companies are very happy to see them coming (social dumping etc, near slavery etc..).

>You and I both know those that do not follow Islam are considered infidels.
That's what salafism say. And it's what most people are gonna tell you, because of how salafism has been spreaded with by Saudi arabia by the request of USA, with the help of western countries.
Actually, in Islam, God chose who he wants to join the religion. Moreover, you have to either be called by god to know him, or get converted by absolute proofs. The holy book in itself is not sufficient to provide this proof. Therefore, people, "infidel" who're not in islam today actually "did nothing wrong". The general opinion then towards people "out of the game" is that they're going straight to paradise, or that they're gonna pass a test after death. Either way, since there is no absolute proof of God existence today, then these people are not promised to hell FOR SURE.
The one who are absolutly promised to hell are the one that received the absolute proof, or that know that god exist by god revealing himself to them, and they rebel against him (basically satanists). These people are for sure promised to hell. It's certainly not the current retardation saying that "You don't believe on parole what I just said? You're promised to hell!!!".

Now, I understand that you'll hardly find anything close to this vision in the current propaganda. It's because very strong force are trying since a long time to destroy islam by subversion. The method is simple: there is the Koran, and there is the Hadiths, the tales of what said the islamic prophet to guide people and make them understand the Koran. The subversion is simply to create false hadith to mislead people. That's what every daesh people are doing. Actually, a hell lot of hadith are false, since a very long time (nearly actually the beggining of islam). And according to islam, only the Koran is protected against subversion. So that's how they're destroying the religion.
There is lies brought by salafists like music is forbidden, the burka, the lapidation (burka and lapidation that are actually jewish traditions, that never ever occured in any place in the Koran. The Koran only tell the women to cover themselves without details, and the punition for adultery is whiplash for BOTH of the one in fault) etc... If you want to truly know what is forbidden and what is not, the Koran is the absolute proof. Don't base yourself on so called hadith that are very questionnable. Moreover, they're trying to centralise Islam in Saudi Arabia, so when the country is gonna explode, Islam will explode with it.

And the funny thing is that when I talk with muslims, they actually repeat the salafist bullshit (especially in my country, where the government is very actively supporting the muslim brotherhood, th

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 09:58:17 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65525 del
(especially in my country, where the government is very actively supporting the muslim brotherhood, the one paid by saudi arabia and that are doing the recruitment for Daesh). "Infidels" NEVER EVER were promised to hell. Only the one targeted in the Koran, the one who rejected Mohamed and his followers from their home and went to war with him. That's not the same to target entire group of peoples and a specific people at a specific time (like Sodom and Gomorrah etc..). A lot of passage in the Koran, that are quoted without context are actually historical passages. And Daesh is using this to tell its people to kill.
According to the islamic law, any daesh fighter have to be killed on sight, even in the back. There are the worst enemies of islam.

I know that what I just said is against what a lot of people, even ignorant or corrupted muslims are saying. But, and may god forgive me if I said any mistake, that's the truth.
Islam is just going through degeneracy, as went Christianity, and Judaism before (and other traditions before). Progress never was a thing.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 12:10:58 Id: d34e3a [Preview] No.65526 del
wtf i love islam now

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 12:50:06 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65527 del
Get back to 4chan if it's only what you can contribute to the thread.

Anonymous Board volunteer 05/10/2018 (Thu) 15:47:07 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65528 del
(2.74 MB 1920x1079 11-04 16-57-29-85.png)
(357.94 KB 1919x1040 11-04 16-59-12-20.jpg)
(323.84 KB 1920x1025 11-04 16-59-12-21.jpg)
(446.55 KB 1920x1079 11-04 16-59-12-24.jpg)
(407.95 KB 1920x1079 11-04 16-59-12-25.jpg)
First off, I should get out of the way that every single terrorist is discovered by alternative media and individuals to be either Mossad or have relatives in the Mossad. There have been no Muslim terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Not even 9/11. That was the five dancing Israelis vans full of explosives, Mossad bombers and rich jews such as Larry Silverstein. So when I say I take certain issues with Muslims, that doesn't mean I'm the typical delusional American who buys into the media whores' propaganda. I see no point in following or trusting the religion of Islam either. Your entire post is admission that it's compromised ( as this genius obviously didn't read >>65526 ) just as many Christians are compromised, allying with jews buy ignoring their own text. Christianity is a useful tool to trigger kikes, as they hate Jesus with extreme rage. It's not a 100% effective method aside from followers of judaism, as there are kike by birth Christian converts. There was a fly-by-night Tor poster that also provided many Christian verses of why God is pissed at the house of Israel.

My point being: Both religions are compromised. Even modern neo-nazis are compromised, ever since the German American Bund was financed by the ADL, Frank Cohen of the National Socialist Party of America and Dan Burros infiltrated GLR's American Nazi Party. The solution is Esoteric Hitlerism. Kikes could never LARP praise of Hitler without devolving the discussion into many depraved lies about him.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 15:48:46 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65529 del
>left my tag on
That wasn't intentional. Was dealing with a situation on /news/.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 16:46:44 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65530 del
Well, as a muslim myself, I'm just gonna say that islam is the last orthodox religion that still allow any honest man to find the truth if he searches it seriously. I'll add that if you truly start to search, you'll find out of every single tradition had the same concepts at the beggining of them, because every traditions come from an original tradition (just read Evola if you want more about this original tradition). Islam is just one of them, the last one.
The solution, from my point of view, is to get to this origin. And it's still possible today, through the metaphysical part of islam, sufism. Islam is just the exterior rules, the exoterism. But Sufism is the true metaphysical part, that gives the metaphysical Truth. Now, I would say that by correcting the mistakes that occured through time in other traditions, you'll find the exact same truth (polytheist religions are actually not, they all have a center god, they just mistaked the god's attribute for gods themself). But since it's the last tradition, it's the easiest way.

But as I said, we live in such times that it's God himself that have to put you on the right road. There is too much chaos, too much sects and more generaly obscurantism everywhere to touch truth by yourself.

>Esoteric Hitlerism
I seriously wonder what that means. Hitler is a man, nothing more. What metaphysical truth have he ever brought. He's not a prophet. So you'll have to explain. From my point of view, Hitler have been demonised just because of the monstruosit of world war 2, that needed a scapegoat (not talking about zionism etc..). But he was just like the other from that time, in term of modernity. The reich was modern, it had nothing to do with tradition.

And by the way, the swatiska have nothing to do with nazism; it's actually the sign of the first tradition of the world, this first tradition I was talking to. The influence of this tradition moved first to the west, then nowdays to the east, with hinduism, islam, taoism etc... That's why they're the closest to the center.

But well, it's 2018. "Closest" is incredibly far, with all the obscurantism. We're close to the end of our age.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 19:02:29 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65531 del
(93.21 KB 484x649 2219.jpg)
(488.87 KB 849x476 4055.png)
(88.77 KB 459x605 7042.jpg)
(68.64 KB 497x300 1508.jpg)
Truth does not come from religion. There is never evidence that any religion on the face of the earth is true. Sure there is the "evidence" of nature and the elements. There's such beauty there it might suggest divine creation. The question then is, who is right? Which religion's god made everything? Everyone says their deity is right, yet no one comes up with definitive evidence to prove their religion is truth. Every single religion is based on faith.
>I seriously wonder what that means.
It was coined by Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano. He defines it as this: "National Socialism was always Hitlerism, and Hitlerism always had an esoteric foundation. At the end of the 1930’s and during the war years it was not possible or convenient that this theme be widely known. However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me, Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed by the Archetype of the collective unconscious, which the Greeks used to call Gods — among them, Apollo, which really is Wotan for the Germans, and Vishnu or Shiva for the Hindus — and its development in the individual and collective souls of the actual Hitlerist warriors. That means a new/old religion, with all of its rituals and myths which are necessary to discover, or rediscover. Its central Drama is the apparition on this earth of the Person Adolf Hitler, the last Avatar, who came to produce this enormous storm, or catastrophe, in order to awaken all those who are asleep, and to commence the New Age, which will come after the Deluge. That is the reason why we have started to count the years of this New Age beginning with the birth of Hitler."
>Hitler is a man, nothing more.
There are others who claim Hitler was a Messiah. Who are you to say otherwise? A believer of another religion. That's all it is. Made up sects all stemming from Zoroastrianism. No one can say which fairy tales are more true than the other.
>What metaphysical truth have he ever brought. He's not a prophet. So you'll have to explain.
Hitler may be regarded as a prophet. He saw through the deceptions of jews early on, and realized they are the evil infiltrators and destroyers of countries. The man started from nothing and rose to be the greatest leader of the best economic recovery from the worst depression in history. Germans knew paradise on Earth for a time, and with him gone they knew only hell. Many were rounded up in Eisenhower's camps. Nothing as complex and foolish as "showers that spray water sometimes and gas other times" for those Germans. They were starved to death in holes in the ground. Compare to the luxuries of labor camps: h ttp://archive.is/TsyEO
>We're close to the end of our age.
Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this bullshit three ring circus.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 19:44:01 Id: 34878b [Preview] No.65532 del
(146.26 KB 1018x573 despair.jpg)
>Hitler may be regarded as a prophet. He saw through the deceptions of jews early on, and realized they are the evil infiltrators and destroyers of countries. The man started from nothing and rose to be the greatest leader of the best economic recovery from the worst depression in history. Germans knew paradise on Earth for a time, and with him gone they knew only hell. Many were rounded up in Eisenhower's camps. Nothing as complex and foolish as "showers that spray water sometimes and gas other times" for those Germans. They were starved to death in holes in the ground. Compare to the luxuries of labor camps: h ttp://archive.is/TsyEO

What part of this is supposed to be metaphysical?

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 20:39:05 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65534 del
-abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.
-abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality.
I couldn't care less about metaphysics, and prophet Muhammad is no more metaphysical than Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 20:58:51 Id: 9b6ad6 [Preview] No.65535 del
I don't see how this applies to your post, also

>I couldn't care less about metaphysics

I'm quite certain metaphysics was quite a big deal, even for someone like Serrano.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 21:06:04 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65536 del
>I don't see how this applies to your post
It told you, it's taking stock in nonsense theories with no basis in reality. That applies to "my guy's better than you because muh metaphyics", not my post.
>quoting Plato
It amazes me how the delusional consider ancient Greek philosophers as wise when they were demented gay pedophiles. Look up Erastes. That's not a philosopher. It was their legal way of life.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 21:11:07 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65537 del
Metaphysics is, roughly speaking, the science of spirituality. That's from these kind of words that are very difficult to explain, as any of the spirital concepts are not explainable in words. Words only prepare theorically to receive a practical truth, truth that can't express in our regular language.

There is nothing metaphysical in jews being a problem to humanity. My stand on jews is the same as Julius Evola.
From my point of view, they're simply cursed by god, and this curse continue today. But the degeneracy of the world goes far far beyond simple action of any people. It would have happened no matter what. Jews are simply highly compatible with our current time.
As I said, we live in a modern world, since 1789 and the french revolution. Nazi germany was modern, not traditional.
Read "Revolt against the modern world". I follow nearly everything Evola says (The thinker I truly follow wrote only in my language -western europe-, so I'll not talk about him).

And about us being at the end, I was not just speculating; if you follow the theory of cycles, and if you know when our current Manvatara started, you easely can say the exact moment it will end. It's just that the wises hided this information, for obvious reason. You don't want that to end on the wrong hands.

Anonymous 05/10/2018 (Thu) 21:24:03 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65538 del
>Julius Evola
You again.
>Nazi germany was modern, not traditional.
What the fuck are you smoking? National Socialist Germany brought back traditions, family values and historical values of the people.
>Read "Revolt against the modern world".
No. We've clashed before, if you're the same Evola fan anon. He was subversive. You might be the same guy.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 01:13:02 [Preview] No.65544 del
Excuse my ignorance, but didn't the name Evola have something to do with the concept of Esoteric Hitlerism? Not the anon you were talking to.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 01:14:53 Id: 754cbf [Preview] No.65545 del
Why would the Jews want it to end when they can keep their slaves in a hallucinatory lull of degeneracy and thoughlessness? If it will end, when and how?

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 02:48:56 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65546 del
(47.51 KB 324x499 3221.jpg)
(358.59 KB 1898x626 367547.jpg)
Evola has nothing to do with esoteric Hitlerism. That was Miguel Serrano. Fans of Evola have been here before insisting against racial divide. This is how the piece of shit felt about Hitler. Evola followers are delusional about race and follow bullshit "metaphysical" theories, claiming races are not distinct because "muh spirits". Again, the very definition is there's no basis in reality.

Nobody's saying they have control over the end of the world as we know it. Of course kikes wouldn't want their subverted slave nations to stop serving their interests. They have worldwide hegemony, laws in Europe making them a protected class, and are working out the budget for a bill to make it illegal to blame them for any transgression in the states.
>If it will end, when and how?
Most religions have different answers on how the end's played out. Many religious fanatics claim every year "the end is nigh". The truth is, nobody knows for certain until it happens. Most claim plagues are a sign. Many.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 09:15:11 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65547 del
You seem to don't know what tradition means. I don't see the (absolute) center of nazis germany being God, or the center, or the principle, or whatever you call it. Only Hitler is. And I don't mean just a religion of state, I mean the traditional authority having THE power, on the side of temporal authority, but still considering the traditional authority superior. Moreover, I don't see any casts, I don't see any initiation etc..

>Evola followers are delusional about race and follow bullshit "metaphysical" theories, claiming races are not distinct because "muh spirits".
That's absolutly wrong. You should read Evola's book "Synthesis of the Doctrine of Race". You would understand that spirituality is the most valuable thing a race have at its center. He said that a race without spirituality is worthless. That's why people are saying that this cult of race is absolutly ridiculous, because western races are moderns.
I'm not gonna comment on ""metaphysical" theories", you're just claiming your ignorance.

Moreover, I'm seriously triggered when people use words like esoterism at miles from its real sense. But whatever.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 09:46:15 Id: 972db6 [Preview] No.65549 del
Fellow Esoteric Hitlerist here. I'm actually rather fond of Islam, much more so than Christianity. They're virtually the only countries resisting international jewry these days, not even North Korea can say that anymore. The Sufis are also extremely red-pilled. Even Serrano, who didn't like Muslims, liked the Sufis. Evola was also called the 'Sufi of Rome.' I would definitely like to see a friendship between the Aryan occident and the Muslim orient. 8/pol/ always banned me for saying this and my own friends will mock me for saying it, but Muslims would make such good friends.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 10:19:39 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65550 del
(46.12 KB 548x359 23.jpg)
>You should read Evola's book "Synthesis of the Doctrine of Race"
>you should you should
How many times do I have to tell you no? This is why:
>That's why people are saying that this cult of race is absolutly ridiculous
>you're just claiming your ignorance
You have been the same arrogant pain in the ass on this board in the past.
This reads like attempted sarcasm.
- >>65539 >>65543

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 10:19:41 Id: 972db6 [Preview] No.65551 del
I'll try and give my own crash course "initiation" into Esoteric Hitlerism. In terms of cosmogony, it is very gnostic. In some world greater than ours there were two different entities. The Demiurge (Jehovah) and some Aryan God or Gods. Within a Jungian framework, the subconscious mind is often a person's 'window' into spiritual worlds. Likewise, the Aryan God was entirely subconscious. As you might guess: Jehovah was entirely conscious. The Aryan God's scheme to defeat the demiurge is an interesting one. He would go into the demiurge's own material world, and lose all memory of his divinity. The goal of this scheme was daring; if it paid off then there would be a new God, it would have both conscious and unconscious minds. Using Jung's terminology once more, he would be individuated. In summary: the Aryan God becomes a man in order to unite both conscious and unconscious then he needs to escape the material world.

With that out of the way, lets talk about Adolf Hitler. Something you might notice, especially if you're a Traditionalist or Jungian, is that a lot of different God's have the same themes or archetypes. It seems almost as if every religious Tradition is speaking the same metaphysical truth, just in different ways. There's one person in particular that I'd like to bring up: Jesus. Jesus came to earth and was murdered. Getting crucified was part of his plan, of course. He achieved victory in this 'defeat.' (notice the parallels to an Aryan God being demoted to a man in a seeming 'defeat') Hitler intended to lose the second world war; he wanted to 'win by losing.' (It's also worth mentioning that many Hindus considered Hitler to be the final avatar of Vishnu.) A lot of normalcattle will just laugh at you when you talk about 'winning by losing', /pol/ types might even post Trudeau memes at you. But it makes sense upon further consideration, it's not just coping for Hitler's failure. Think about it like this. Jesus taught a good message, but was subverted. Mohammed taught a good message, but was subverted. If Hitler were to conquer the world then wouldn't his movement get subverted too? Hitler's solution to this is the same as in Christianity and Islam; Hitler would return to destroy evil once and for all. It is like the second coming of Christ, or the Mahdi, or Wotan and his final battalion, or Quetzalcoatl, or Kalki-Vishnu. It is worth mentioning that Hitler's remains were never found. They opened the tomb of the bunker and he was not there. He escaped!

It's impossible to go further without talking about UFOs (vimana) and the like. There are plenty of other threads that discuss this, and probably some anons who can explain it better. The gist of it is that Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu (Kalki) and purposely lost the second world war, so that he could be crucified on the world tree.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 11:09:09 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65553 del
Too bad you don't take in account my most important point: that a race is worthless without spirituality. So if you want your race to actually have any value, you'll need to have his spiritual heart back. But without adopting tradition from another race. So another tradition will have to exert an external influence into yours, to make it wake up again. Some traditionalists had the hope it could happened in Europe, but no, as Evola said (since he's italian, he was more able to tell that nothing could be brought back on the base of catholicism), and as history shows, it can't happen.

>You have been the same arrogant pain in the ass on this board in the past.
I'm not the same guy, but whatever.

That's very very close to a lot of occultism groups in the 20e century, particularly to theosophy and New Age. I don't know enough to be able to do a good enough criticism of these.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 11:22:21 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65554 del
>a race is worthless without spirituality
The Aryan race has tangible worth. We were first inventing writing, artistry, building, sea faring. The sloped forehead negroes and kikes only produced degenerate copies because they have no creativity themselves. As far as spirituality, we had that with Zoroastrianism. I keep having to post this because not enough of you watch it.
>I'm not the same arrogant Evola fan that called people ignorant for not following Evola
Riiiight. The guy consistently told us "Read blahblah by Evola" over and over again, yet you're not him.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 12:53:37 Id: 40f803 [Preview] No.65556 del
I quote Evola because I'm no one.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 14:49:26 Id: 972db6 [Preview] No.65558 del
Serrano wrote for a magazine called "The New Age" and tended to by around 'those types.' That's probably where he picked up a lot of his views, but there's nothing new under the sun. A lot of these thoughts can be found in old religions. I was a bit doubtful about it, but it was actually a Sufi hadith (debatable) that convinced me of the importance of consciousness in cosmogony. You'll probably recognize it, it's the most famous one.

>I was a hidden treasure, and I wished to be known, so I created a creation (mankind), then made Myself known to them, and they recognised Me

I can see why you say that. I think I'm just being overly polite because imageboards and modern society have ingrained a fear that one slight misspeak will get me banned, harassed, and have my life ruined. This conversation is interesting, and so few places are able to even entertain these discussions, so I'm trying not to disturb that.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 14:54:11 Id: b42ea2 [Preview] No.65559 del
The only Muslims fighting against Israel anyways are Assad supporters, Shia Muslims from Iran, the Hezbollah, and their allies. Even then, I'd rather have Iran adopt Zoroastrianism as its main religion, as it originated there, was the main religion there until the Muslims invaded it, and is still a recognized minority religion in Iran.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 17:05:09 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65560 del
(99.47 KB 1030x436 here.jpg)
I'm capable of admitting when I'm wrong. Maybe you're not the same guy. Perhaps every Evola follower is a clone of the other and they go around telling people "believing in races is stupid", "read this by Evola" and "you're ignorant if you disagree".

>fear that one slight misspeak will get me banned,
Depends on what you say. Typical jewish agendas aren't allowed here, but I haven't seen you push anything like that yet. If you click here, you'll see our main rule.
>harassed, and have my life ruined
That simply wouldn't happen unless you were dumb enough to provide personal information. Even then, I spent the 90s as a dumb teenager responding to life threats by giving out my home address. Nothing ever happened. Not about to do that anymore though.

Anonymous 05/11/2018 (Fri) 19:02:37 Id: 972db6 [Preview] No.65564 del
The harassed and life ruined part was more of a commentary on society's inquisition against National Socialists.

Anonymous 05/12/2018 (Sat) 18:40:00 Id: 0efb1d [Preview] No.65578 del
anyone have the adrenochrome doc? can't find it anywhere else.

Anonymous 05/12/2018 (Sat) 20:36:50 Id: c5b6d8 [Preview] No.65579 del
Can someone translate?

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=9ekeuo-SMN4

Anonymous 05/12/2018 (Sat) 20:50:54 Id: c5b6d8 [Preview] No.65580 del

>Well, as a muslim myself, I'm just gonna say that islam is the last orthodox religion that still allow any honest man to find the truth if he searches it seriously
>as a muslim myself
Didn't realize that there were other Muslims here.

This first tradition that you speak of is, and always has been, submission to Allah (in English "THEE God"), the one that put us here to worship him, and him alone. Every main world religion was once this. From Hinduism to Zoroastrianism, to Greenland Inuits mysticism, to Aztec mythos. The only difference is time, and Satan (a hindu word) has sought out successfully to warp them away from their sole purpose. Just look at Christianity, where satan had once successfully installed the ritual cannibalization of Jesus (peace of God be upon him), among a host of perversions. I don't think that all iterations of "the religion" are equal right now. I think that the most recent in a person's time will always have the highest fidelity to what its prophet brought. There will not be another until the end of times, and the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings of God be upon him, said 14 centuries ago that it was imminent. Every minor sign of the end of times has been fulfilled.

>We're close to the end of our age.

Anonymous 05/12/2018 (Sat) 21:30:11 Id: c5b6d8 [Preview] No.65582 del
h ttp://w ww.bhagavad-gita.org/Gita/chapter-11.html

Read the 11th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita and you will realize what I am saying about all religions being of the same root. Some quotes:

Verse 16:

"O Sovereign Lord of the universe, O universal form, I behold Your unlimited form with innumerable arms, stomachs faces, and eyes; again I testify no beginning, no middle and no end to You."

Arjun asks Krishna

"Please reveal who You are, of such a fearsome form. I offer obeisances unto You. O Lord of all, be merciful to me. I wish to clearly know You, the Primeval Being because I cannot fathom Your intention."

Verse 41 and 42 of same chapter:

"Whatever has been spoken presumptuously by me thinking of you as a friend due to delusion or due to affection thus: O Krishna, O Yadava, O dear friend without knowing, Your glories and universal form; O infallible one whatever disrespect may have occurred in jest at times of sporting, resting, sitting and eating, alone or also among companions, all these things I am beseeching You to please forgive."

Arjun literally makes sajood to Krishna (Verse 44 of Chapter 11):

"Therefore prostrating my body flat on the ground in offering obeisances, I am propitiating You, the worship-able Supreme Lord as a father with a son, a friend with a friend and as a lover with a beloved. O Lord be merciful and tolerant."

Mythicists BTFO'd Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 00:03:19 Id: 16112b [Preview] No.65583 del
Jesus vs. Zoroaster
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=3x6aOBqc9d0
Jesus vs. Mithras
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=muM7Uk40iRE
Jesus vs. Krishna
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=A6vtA5O5Ako
Jesus vs. Horus
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=5FR08QtvapM

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1mr9ZTZb3TVOYpPpjYhTUHXycJrY6P2I

Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 03:54:40 Id: 0efb1d [Preview] No.65588 del
(40.08 KB 765x990 horus.png)
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=s0-EgjUhRqA
h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=4r2m_cffRjI

Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 16:21:12 Id: da2871 [Preview] No.65600 del
Adding to this is that the Jews have realized that subverting religions is the best way to gain power.
Christianity while it is a useful tool against the Jews because of their undying hatred of it
It also gives them more power because Jesus said that the Israelites are gods chosen people. The Jews simply subverted it to say that they were gods chosen people and use that to manipulate catholics specifically.
I think it works less on protestants because they tend to read a bible more often than catholics(who barely ever read the bible).
Most Catholics just listen to priests who use a few quotes from the bible and then take them out of context. This makes it more likely that Catholics are more likely to buy into the bullshit the Jews pull on them because they are gods chosen people basically the Jews subverted what the bible taught and used it to control catholics into doing what the Jews needed them to do.
What made this much worse is that the bible was originally written in latin and this made sure that the jews could exploit it for as long as possible because most people in Europe didn't know how to speak latin so this allowed the pope to twist this and control the population and say that jews were gods true chosen people.
This is where Martin Luther comes in. Basically he translated the bible from latin to german and this gave rise to Protestantism.
Unfortunately Protestantism was much more vulnerable to the classic divide and conquer strategy since the bible could be interpreted in anyway this allowed the Jews to create there own subsections of Protestantism and this weakened this section of Christianity this is where most of the Jews gain there influence through manipulating religion.
Jews also manipulate multiple thing to get much better control over a host society but that in itself is a whole other can of worms we could talk about forever.

Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 17:10:07 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65601 del
These are basically "not technically stolen from Zoroastrianism because of some different details but lots of similarities we have to admit" from a religious mind stuck in cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 20:06:12 Id: 4171ee [Preview] No.65603 del
(401.73 KB 1600x1600 C18.jpeg)
h ttp://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/subject/mainstreaming%20the%20jq/

Anonymous 05/13/2018 (Sun) 20:35:01 Id: 4930ea [Preview] No.65604 del
Catholics are the best christians though, most of the early NSDAP members were catholic

Anonymous 05/14/2018 (Mon) 20:01:43 Id: 4c887c [Preview] No.65621 del
Positive Christianity maybe?

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 10:26:14 Id: 754cbf [Preview] No.65632 del
You know what I but thought of? When we try to preserve these threads, why not expand all images and dab the web page as a pdf?

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 10:27:18 Id: 754cbf [Preview] No.65633 del
Sorry meant save not dab

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 11:04:56 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65637 del
That's a good idea. I just tested with another thread, and I know I've posted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion before. .pdf's seem unaffected. Maybe. That would have to be applied to future threads, and we'd need a decent webpage .pdf converter without shit watermarks.

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 11:40:03 Id: 972db6 [Preview] No.65640 del
The problem is that Christians look at it from the perspective of "our story 100% happened and all those religions i know nothing about were made by the devil." While others are able to look at it from an archetypal point of view. The problem with talking with Christians is that they literally live in another reality.

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 16:33:50 Id: 4171ee [Preview] No.65641 del
h ttps://w ww.change.org/p/dfb-g%C3%BCndogan-und-%C3%B6zil-nicht-zur-wm-2018

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 16:52:26 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65644 del
(638.25 KB 1006x945 English.jpg)
That petition's going to make it to 50,000, as it's constantly increasing in realtime.

Anonymous 05/15/2018 (Tue) 17:41:25 Id: 4171ee [Preview] No.65647 del
many thanks for the screenshot , best regards from ze Fatherland

Anonymous 05/18/2018 (Fri) 03:28:19 Id: a15ce3 [Preview] No.65692 del
(10.97 KB 720x576 d.png)
h ttps://my.mixtape.moe/tzhglt.png Right off the bat this screen-cap is from 2013 on 4chans /x/ board. A disgruntled Freemason insider exposes unspeakable things like the fact they farm children! (some say the farms are in urbana illinois in the cornfields by the university of Illinois.) h ttps://my.mixtape.moe/hnpeyx.png - there is the other part to that screencap.That anon was a true hero for coming forth with that.

Did you know there is a masonic cult of cthulhu? neither did I but according to this facebook group there is h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/ruyyyb.png Meh just a buncha larperz right? Absolutely not notice the username h ttps://w ww.instagram.com/cult.of.cthulhu/ h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/ebptbt.png (this image defines pizzagate to me) h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/cornrl.png h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/hhabrl.png and of course the octopus is seen in all kinds of satanic/shadow-gov themes even in album cover art h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/oobrcg.jpg

I have still kept looking on instagram to accounts related to @jimmycomet h ttp://web.archive.org/web/20170902225941/h ttp://endchan.xyz/pizzagate/res/3.html and aside from the cthulhu shocking find I have found MANY other ones here are a few h ttps://minifiles.net/files/lotgloz.png Here we see a polka dotted (Royal order of jesters initiation ritual uses polka dots in ritual garb h ttps://archive.is/9lG5Y#selection-59.127-59.163) man corrupting the youth

h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/ooyryg.png this corrosponds to "Being sodomized while her head was held under water in a bath tub " h ttps://archive.is/U7r5u#selection-845.0-845.65 and "Being told by her abuser he did these things to her because it was his “Masonic Rite” " The only right these clowns have is the right to remain silent.

h ttps://sub.god.jp/f/epnheb.png White rabbit masonica!!!

We see masonic themes in the freaky art crap these luciferian bozos do. h ttps://comfy.moe/akocme.jpg

h ttps://dbr.ee/p8Kx

h ttps://archive.is/8goxa

h ttp://w ww.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/revealed-how-gangs-used-the-freemasons-to-corrupt-police-9054670.html

h ttps://cathyfox.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/freemasonry-mi6-and-10-duke-street/

h ttp://intmensorg.info/msn.htm

h ttps://parareligion.ch/sunrise/xi.htm

h ttps://w ww.public-interest.co.uk/masons/

h ttps://w ww.whale.to/b/knox_h.html

h ttps://archive.is/q3nHj

h ttps://archive.is/db5s3

h ttps://archive.is/wjZw9#selection-3533.0-3573.23

The Egyptian satanic masonic connection by david carrico. h ttps://minifiles.net/files/cfuipdi.pdf

great tool for scrubbing pdfs of malicious code here h ttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/psuedoelastic/endtools/master/pdfclean.sh

h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppression_of_Freemasonry

h ttps://w ww.stichtingargus.nl/vrijmetselarij/ritualen_en.html rituals

h ttps://leozagami.wordpress.com/2008/04/28/giorgio-hugo-balestrieri-p2-mason-911-suspect/

h ttps://w ww.constantinereport.com/jesters-controlled-by-secret-order-of-brothers-in-blood-jester-officer-links-national-court-to-fishing-guide-in-brazil-child-sex-case/

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=csjtGoEtHxc

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=xshve-LcbEc

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ1Vzd2_KRc David & Donna carrico : Fremasonry & Satanic Ritual Abuse

(torrent info hash) Rosicrucian 12th degree "illuminati" monographs

h ttps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=RIyndyIX5EQ The Brotherhood of the Bell 1970 - A TV movie portraying how the Masonic brotherhood operates in society.

h ttps://my.mixtape.moe/kmavzw.djvu Scarlet and the Beast The Two Faces of freemasonry (RARE plus Picture book) Bill cooper read verbatim from this book in his show for a string of episodes (DJVU FORMAT)

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 19:44:01 Id: 813551 [Preview] No.65707 del
Does anyone have any redpills on the Babi Yar shindig? leftykikes are always quick to bring up this one to Holoberg deniers.

Anonymous 05/19/2018 (Sat) 19:56:42 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65708 del
(784.89 KB 1658x1573 Babi Yar.jpg)
Germar Rudolph covered that in Lectures on The Holocaust. And don't call us "deniers". That's an enemy propaganda term meant to blanket every revisionist into one derogatory category. Revealing truth isn't denial.

Anonymous 05/21/2018 (Mon) 22:17:54 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65768 del

Anonymous 05/24/2018 (Thu) 21:49:09 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65823 del
Files which corrupted in the past should post now. Also, I didn't make these. Don't take it up with me if you disagree.

Anonymous 05/25/2018 (Fri) 21:11:57 Id: bba7b8 [Preview] No.65842 del
(510.14 KB 960x720 13.jpg)
(334.76 KB 600x600 91.jpg)
(30.12 MB 854x480 all of my rage.webm)
For awhile now, jews have had the state of Israel. A self-made state-wide containment camp as kikes wall themselves in, persecuting their semitic cousins while European Zionists think it's a good idea to replace Aryans with Muslims whose very religion is antithetical to judaism. The American Zionist empire is corroding from within as currency erodes and financial stability moves east. When the empire falls, Israel will be invaded by surrounding nations. Kikes believe that by accusing anti-semitism to deflect any and all criticism of that jewish state and maintaining control as CEOs of major media networks as well as social media, that they will forever be successful. This world poisoning will not last, either if they're stopped or allowed to continue. Israel's agitations rile their surroundings to bite them back. Accusing anti-semitism will lose it's potency as they keep beating a dead horse. Germany may become the next Islamic state thanks to Angela Merkel Kazmierczak descended from Kazimierz jews, as many European nations similarly are subjected to mass immigration favoring policies. The jews of Europe wish to see Muslims increase and overrun white populations due to their fear and hatred of white people, in an effort to eliminate our resident in and control of European nations. The many long-standing races and cultures which fall under the white label may be reduced to extinction along with increasing success of jewish plotting. However, the result unless abated, can only mean jewish extinction by their own hands. The future may mean nothing's left. Not the parasite or the host. As the parasite without a host tends to die off. If our fellow Aryans die off, so will jews. Kikes have such narrow vision, not realizing they're hastening their own destruction.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 05/25/2018 (Fri) 21:14:46.

Anonymous 05/25/2018 (Fri) 21:26:43 Id: 986b21 [Preview] No.65844 del
Gonna give you some info on what has happened to 8chan. The mods have censored the word nigger.

Anonymous 05/25/2018 (Fri) 21:42:07 Id: 36c6b1 [Preview] No.65845 del
there can be no future for a parasitic organism; its visions are delusions

Anonymous 05/25/2018 (Fri) 21:47:21 Id: 8f3a30 [Preview] No.65846 del
Russia would become the Jews' only hope for survival as they try to contain Russia as their next host the same way they're containing and exploiting most Western nations such as the US. The question is will Russia protect them or crush them like bugs? Lets hope the latter but not so sure since Putin is rumored to be a Jew too. The East will be China and Russia. At least China has a history of killing corrupt bankers unlike the West.

Anonymous 05/26/2018 (Sat) 04:25:42 [Preview] No.65867 del
Is that your voice in 94.webm? I do recall the Chinese in government argument used on this imageboard before that webm was posted. Something like "no one would use the word anti-asianism in event of Chinese takeover, so why anti-semitism in event of jewish takeover?" It would be the right age range, too, what with the being married, two kids, probably middle-aged.
t. jump to conclusions anon.

Anonymous 05/26/2018 (Sat) 04:28:16 [Preview] No.65868 del
>Also, I didn't make these
I'm an idiot.

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